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Going with the many negative projections of the 2019 general elections in Nigeria, the guild of professional bloggers in Nigeria has joined others urging stakeholders and politicians in sticking with the rules of the game
This call was made as part of ensuring that there exist free and fair elections especially before during and after the elections nationwide

In a statement, the president of the guild, Mr Chris Nwandu urge politicians not to see the upcoming election as a do or die affair, but rather see it as an opportunity for electorates to exercise their civic responsibilities to select leaders without fear of violence.

“Violence is inimical to conducting a credible election, politicians are therefore advised not to heat up the polity or incite their followers to violence”.
He said the guild also urged INEC to remain as an unbiased umpire adding; “we strongly believe that the independent National Election commission (INEC) should be completely independent

“On no account should (INEC) be perceived as being biased by either the electorates or election observers

He said the guild of professional bloggers urge every eligible Nigerians to vote their choices because bad politicians are not born, but are created by some good people who don’t vote

Nwandu believes electorates should vote their conscience instead of selling their votes.
The president of the guild also admonishes members of the media to shun publishing fake news and unauthentic results from polling units.

“We are using this medium to warn our colleagues against using their blogs to promote unverifiable information and news from political parties that could set the polity and the country on fire”

“The Independent National Electoral Commission is the only credible source of getting results and any account from political parties should be treated with caution and fact-checked before publishing to avoid  peddling  rumour and fake news”

He also advises security agents not to lose track of their role as protectors of lives and properties adding that the association is as well using this medium to appeal to the police, in particular, to respect and protect the sanctity of human lives before, during and after the polls.

Nwandu, therefore, request the Nigeria police to avoid a situation where some police attached to Independent National Electoral Commission is being used to fuel or promote criminality before, during and after elections, the statement read 

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