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Urban Express News

Our corporate mantra remains ‘’only the best, and nothing’’. 

The importance of corporate communication through online and prints  is about sounding the alarm more to reach the outer space for wider audience’s reach to have access and make good use of it.  Given the reports that about seventeen million 

Nigerians are active daily online, Information in these wise also is of importance, when one gets it raw and fresh, can only make sense. Urban express news remains such platform of providing unfiltered information on real time, communication through our wider audience within these routes via this channel. www.urbanexpresslive.com.

Our environmental pages platform  is traffic worthy, these is because we give up to date issues specific, on reporting developing stories, features and articles about international national and local contents, encouraging our home page as well, since every trending stories actually found its way to home page, making more busy. 

We give our audience unfiltered news about the trend on climate change, waste managements, housing and construction, which remains its core values. Sports page too, is of importance, the latest stories are abound, breaking news, on any sports development is been carried first by Urban express news. Same too on, crime lens, our team in that regard remain as focus as possible, bring to the wider audience trend on security developments all over the country, Breaking News are found on the platform as first priority tool, our online editor has all it takes, and that’s indeed is the justification for attraction of audience real time tonic on our online platform, hence we have understood how those important breakings can be a good ingredients  for both our audience and our traffic that  has enabled  us moving to this extents within just few mouth  of lunching our online news.

 Our columnist are seasoned writers who are known all over Nigeria and beyond, we are proud to say ‘’Faces and Culture ‘’ and musings’’ Alone has encouraged more viewers to that site and we are highly being rated by international body by this. Coming to do any form of adverts with us can never be a regrettable action. As our mantra depicts ‘’only the best or nothing’’, we assure you that if mutual relationship of these kind is established through adverts placements on our site, we are sure of it becoming sustainable in near future.


Urban Express Live was launched in june2015 and has become one of the leading online newspapers in Nigeria and it’s positioned to be one of Africa’s top 10 by 2018.

Urban Express Live is a rich match of Urban and Rural politics, entertainment, Environment, Urban-lifestyle, opinion, Column, Urban-Crime lens and Breaking News.

We cover news 24/7 from politics, to economy, to crime, world events, celebrity, fashion and style, events, red carpets, entertainment, and the city.

With credible experience and historical credential of balanced and professional journalism, Urban Express News is committed to keeping our addicted readers updated on the monumental events of our day, covering the stories they are interested in from a diversity of perspectives.


1. Urban Express News is Nigeria’s fastest growing online newspaper, and is fast creating an addicted and growing platform of followers in the Nigerian online community.

2. Our Alexia Statistic: Our Alexia stat has been growing competitively between 1000 and 1,900. We were ranked as one of the 100 most visited web site in Nigeria and 1.2 million globally.

We have also recorded 50,000+ page views on Google as we have maintained the most brilliant news/online brand in Nigeria today. Our readers have fallen in love with our brand.

3. When it comes to online exposure of your brand, Urban Express News is the best built news and information website with trusted backend engine modifier that is managed by Google

4. Urban Express News offers you a rich variety of formats to get your message across to your readers, whether your message is in text, photos, videos, banner, promotions, news, audio – we bring you custom-made formats to plug your message.

5. Urban Express News advertising is reserved for an exclusive few discerning brands. We do not litter our pages with adverts, hence our readers engage more with the adverts.

6. Urban Express News is a responsive website, custom built with mobile version and tablet (iPad) versions. All our adverts run on our mobile and tablet versions of our site. So, we assure you of getting a 3-in-One package.

7. You gain access to our exclusive crop of the world’s best graphic designers to assist you (on request) with your online brand image.


Banners, Boxes, Sponsored Linked

Top Menu Banner (760×105 px) – N100,000

Home Page Box (300×250 px) – N50,000

Middle Home Page Banner (Big – 728×90 px) – N40,000

Middle Home Page Banner (Small – 400×90 px) – N25,000

Drop Down Menu Banner – N30,000

Inner Page Box (Top – 300×250 px) – N45,000

Inner Page Box (2nd Position – 300×250 px) – N35, 000

Inner Page Box (3rd Position – 300×250 px) – N25, 000

Inner Page Box (4th Position, down – 300×250 px) – N15, 000

Home Page Sponsored Link – N15, 000

Inner Page Sponsored Link – N10, 000

* All Banner Advert copies should be at 72dpi

Advertorial (Story Placement)

One Placement – N15, 000

Three Placements – N45, 000

NB – All advertorials run on our social media feeds and our partner feeds of accumulatively Twitter following of over 75,000 followers, and is run on Twitter handle 6 times in 24 hours.


1. All adverts are sold on a monthly basis. All prices are for 30 days/One month

2. All prices are inclusive of VAT (5%)

4. Advertisers to provide artwork.

Thanking you for your corporation  

Adverts Executive.

Please Note; every form of Payments  is done through cheque payable to (UBA) Urban Express News publishers, Account Number (1019315496).

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