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In this the report, Olusegun Ariyo write on how leadership heights are being moulded through
Award Recognition from Africa Leadership Award for selflessness, Abilities and
impacts coming with remarkable Achievements that encourages rewards.

cannot exist if there is no organisation or society, the export for good
interactions among social groups can be said to be another germane means of articulating
with the people and its ultimate is to see to the welfare and needs of peoples through
many aspects of responsible leadership disposition.

also has something to do with planning, organising, directing, and forecasting.
Experts also agree every role played through leadership comes with
accomplishments of certain goals coming with the ability to influence in other
to achieve the goals desired.  

that needs efforts and that which comes with desired objectives must certainly come
with a reward. This accordingly remains a key point of motivating effort that
leads to desirable goals.

and impacts coming with remarkable achievements are some worth rear to come by hence
its significance and that which come with rewards.

This was
one of the significant features of Africa Leadership Award held on 7th
of February 2020 at the premier hotel in Ibadan where notable Nigerians including
this writer got recognized because of its height in leadership and development
in Nigeria.

Leadership Award according to its convener, Mr Oladeinde Adekunle, is another
means of distinguishing African leaders, outstanding men of influence, African giants,
political heavyweights and mentors.

in his welcome address said the Award is the first of its kind in Africa in celebrating
African leaders and setting the historical pace for the entire world to follow.  

He said
Africa leadership of Award is an initiative of rebranding leadership of Africa initiatives.

“Do not
follow where your path may lead, go instead where there is no path and leave a
trail”, ‘this was a quote from Ralph Waldo Emerson which the convener,
oladehinde used urging Africans to leave a trail everywhere they find their
selves in positions of leadership.

oladehinde told participants that they are part of history today as precedence
is being set.

He words:
“Posterity shall speak for us all today and when we all are gone as we
celebrate innovations, creativity, excellence, outstanding feats, achievers and
their achievements, values and virtues as we are going to impress upon the next
generation a path that will lead them to achieve greater feats than this”.

The event
saw participants from across African continent that serve as both Awardees and
representatives from different works of life. Nigeria’s Human Right Crusader
and winner of United States Secretary of State for Woman of courage Award, Dr Okei
Odumakin was part of the awardees.

Other Awardees
includes Dr Fatai Babatunde Onaeko, Adeniyi Rasaq Saliu, Engr Marius Mahougnon
Ahonon, Samuelle ZG Dimairho, Prophet Djibril Adjaho,Oyebanji Oluranti Olaide,
Pastor Christophe V Dewanou, Alson Bhebe, Onibon Nosiru, Abimbola Alagbe,
Alhaji Saliu Ishaq, Otunba Wasiu Jayeola Taiwo and others.

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