Olusegun Ariyo

The Bring Back Our Girls co-pioneer, Aisha Yesufu wants the new electoral reform to include that all the major elections be held on the same day in the country.

The Independent National Electoral Commission, INEC, conducts the Presidential and National Assembly elections two weeks before the Governorship and State Houses of Assembly elections.

But the activist wants the elections conducted in one day.

“Further electoral reform is needed,” Aisha tweeted.

She added: “Presidential, gubernatorial, National Assembly and state houses of assembly election should be on the same day.

“Early voting for essential workers.

“Ballot papers should carry pictures of the candidates as well as the party logo

“To recall a legislator should be 50% of the votes he or she got and not 50% of registered voters.

“Nigerians in the diaspora should be able to vote and having a Nigerian passport should be amongst the criteria. Don’t tell us you are a Nigerian in Niger Republic with no passport.”

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