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There are high expectations coming from
many inhabitants of the southwest region regarding the take-off of western Nigeria
security network (WNSN) codenamed operation Amotekun  as findings reveal none of the governors had
penned their signatures on the proposed bill legalizing the operation of Amotekun.

The governors were said to have set
yesterday as the deadline to sign the much-awaited Bill into law in their
respective states, but that was yet to materialise, no thanks to the seeming
foot-dragging modus operandi of some of the House of Assembly that is still
working on the Bill.

While Ekiti State House of Assembly
made record yesterday as the first to pass the Bill, Osun State lawmakers had
been on a six-week recess since last month but may cut short their vacation on
February 24 to work on the bill already approved by the state executive
council. However, the Bill has already passed Second Reading in Oyo, Ogun and
Ondo states.

For those who might want to be
recruited into the security outfit in Oyo State, the Divisional Police Officers
(DPO) and their council chairmen must endorse their application form to attest
to their character and eligibility to join.

According to the
Amotekun Bill that just passed Second Reading in the state, Section 19(1) says:
“A person may qualify to enlist into the Amotekun Corps if the person- (a) has
applied in writing to the Agency; (b) has received confirmation from the
Divisional Police Officer in his Local Government Area of residence that he is
of proven character and integrity and has no criminal records and (c) has been
endorsed by the Chairman of his Local Government Area of residence or the
traditional ruler of the community where such a person resides.”

Section 14(1) says:
“There shall be appointed by the Governor, a Corps Commander for the agency,
who shall be a retired Law Enforcement Officer or Military Officer not below
the rank of a Major or its equivalent in other Security Service.”

Section 14(4) says:
“The Oyo State Amotekun Corps Commander may be removed from office by the
Governor if the Governor is satisfied that it is not in the interest of the
public that he should continue to be in office.”

Section 5(1)(a) says:
“The functions of the Agency are to collaborate with and assist the Police and
other Security Network Agencies in gathering information about crime, crime
investigation, arrest, and prosecution of persons suspected or involved in
kidnapping, terrorism, cattle rustling, highway robbery, and other criminals activities.

“(b) collaborate with
and assist the Police and other Security agencies I maintaining law and order
within the state.”

After the lawmakers
deliberated on the Bill, the Speaker of the House, Adebo Ogundoyin, said
members of the outfit should be recruited from the same localities where
they would work, adding that vigilantes, hunters, and guards should be
integrated into Amotekun.

Before passing the
Bill in Ekiti, the House received the reports of the Committee on Security and
Special Duties, which conducted a public hearing on Thursday.

Speaker, Funminniyi
Afunye led the members in committee of the whole House to consider and approve
the Bill, clause by clause, after which the Clerk, Tola Esan, read the Bill for
the third time.

Highlight of the
committee’s recommendation for amendment includes that Section 5 (I) of the
Bill on the Governing Board should be headed by a retired law enforcement
agent, who should be a man of proven integrity or equivalent in the Nigerian
Army not below the rank of Maj- General.

Members were of the
opinion that the rank should be lowered to Colonel or Brig-General or
equivalent in other security forces.

Other amendments
effected on the Bill were mere use of words, phrases or letters in some

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