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‘’The need to give
support to professional colleagues in Public practice is very Germaine now that
Nigerians are being conscious of the profession and also government placing
priority at national level on the need to implement National Planning
Commission that has since been neglected, where its failure has long lead to
more agrarian means in the way planning policies of the country should
go’’  adding to it, is the  disappointment in the failure of the Niger
Delta Development Plan that cost the government over 6billion in it preparation,
and its failure of other regional based interventionist programmes.’’

This was contained in message Tpl Paul
Akporowho delivered in the just concluded (ATOPCON) Association of Town Planning
Consultants of Nigeria’s Annual General Meeting, with Topic (Challenges of
Urban and Regional Practices and way-forward).
Tpl Akporowho who happened to be one of the
discussants called on the Nigeria institute of Town planners (NITP) and Town
planner Registration Council (TOPREC), its registered body to corporate with (ATOPCON)
Association of Town planning Consultants of Nigeria to enable it  contribute through coordination and organising
the practice of the profession  where in
doing so, he said  would ensure inclusiveness
of its  professionals in  public practice for  functional efficiency where impunity is discouraged
amongst practitioners with the understanding of ensuring order and sanity to the
Lagos state commissioner for physical
planning and urban development, Tpl Anifowose  in his  own submissions echoed a clarion call for corporation
between planners in public practice and those in private sector, the physical
planning commissioner  said without the corporation
of each other, there can never be meaningful and sustainable development of
both the habitat and inhabitants
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‘’I urge you to come together for the benefit
of mankind and for the interest of all, doing these mean a lot to us all, since
everybody knows we are the custodians of the built environment and we must now re-focus
our responsibility at ensuring 
sustainable environment for convenience and better living condition’’.

in its closing remark, Association of town planning consultants of Nigeria
ATOPCON President, Tpl Salako thank every participants and most especially hail
the commissioner for physical planning in the state of Lagos for his open door
policies and essentially for allowing it have input in the approval of new
regulations for development control in the state of Lagos which indeed is in
consonance with the extents laws on planning. Salako also commend the minister
of Work, Housing and Urban Development, and Mr. Fashola for setting in motion,
the process of constituting National Planning Commission. The intention, ATOPCON
President said he considers as being the bravest and that it would impact on
decision that will help give a clear policy direction, framework and standards
for Nigeria states including the federal capital territory that will aid proper
planning coming with Trans-boundary infrastructures and amenities with
direction in mass housing, railway, security and regional projects.

The Annual General meeting saw the
association fielding elected  officers  in various capacities where Tpl Salako was
elected as it substantial  President
whilst other officers  had successfully taken
 over other  various positions

who were at the occasion include Tpl Toyin Ayinde, former commissioner of
physical planning in the state of Lagos, Tpl layi Egunjobi (TOPREC) President. The
event took place at Academy inn Hall Agidingbi in ikeja. 

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