Niger Delta Avengers (NDA) yesterday
again, dismissed reports that there is a faction within its ranks, saying that
the group remained intact, united and determined to achieve its aims.

A group claiming to be a splinter
group from the NDA, Reformed Niger Delta Avengers (RNDA) had in a statement by
Cynthia Whyte said that they decided to break away from the destructive action
of the principal body following the intervention of former President Good luck

But NDA’s spokesman, Muddoch
Agbinibo in a statement posted on its website, said Cynthia Whyte and members
of MEND were being used by security agencies and government agents, adding that
they were not part of the struggle by NDA from the onset.

“The public and all sane minds
should know that the entire household of the NDA remains intact, we are in good
spirit with highest morale and even more dedicated to get the ultimate targets,
“the statement disclosed.

Agbinibo chastised the military and
other security agencies, saying that they “have thrown intelligence to the
dustbin and are being pushed around by dirty morals and egos of political
thugs, criminals and illegal crude oil bunkerers. “It is quite unfortunate
that, Cynthia Whyte and Jomo Gbomo of defunct Joint Revolutionary Council and
MEND respectively are the spokespersons of the Nigerian intelligence community
because of some political interest and a government that has abdicated powers
to clansmen and tribal lords.

“The fact checks about Cynthia
Whyte aka George Karley and his sponsors should be laid bare before the public
now that the Nigerian security and intelligence community have turned the Niger
Delta genuine struggle to a tool of political patronage and money making
machine for miscreants and conflict merchants. 
“Cynthia Whyte was the negotiation organ for certain individuals (names
withheld) for settlements in kidnappings, bank robberies, illegal crude oil
bunkering and dirty jobs for government, like the case of … (name withheld) who
was sent to South Africa to testify against Henry Okah, and back at home
against Charles Okah and Edmund Ebiwari after collecting huge bribes. So we are
not surprised for this so-called MEND speaking through …(name withheld) to
introduce his complete house to collect more patronages in their desperation.
“Conclusively, it is the house of the Nigeria security and intelligence
community that is having splits and giving room to miscreants to be speaking
for them as President Muhammadu Buhari abdicates governance to his kinsmen and
tribal lords.”

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