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Ekiti State Governor, Kayode Fayemi, on Monday said Bandits are using ransom from kidnapping activities in the prominent areas of northwestern part of the country to fund insurgency in northeastern part of the country

He claimed that the same set of people were responsible for the crimes, adding that the masterminds used the ransom they collected from kidnapping in other parts of the country to fund insurgency in the North-East.

Fayemi gave this hint after his meeting with president mohammadu Buhari at Aso Rock while fielding questions from state house correspondents and that which was monitored by urban Express-News online

The governor said, “There is a direct correlation between insurgency in the North-East and what we are seeing manifesting itself as banditry in the North-West or kidnapping in the South-West.

“Some of the people involved in these are also the ones responsible for insurgency. They are using the resources they make from kidnapping for the activities they are conducting in the Northeast.

“So, we need to take a comprehensive look at all these things and not treat them in compartments. We must treat them as a comprehensive issue and then tackle them collectively.”

Fayemi said military action alone would not resolve the nation’s security challenges, adding that the challenges required political will to tackle.

The governor added, “I don’t think we are naive enough to think that it is simply a military action that will resolve all these security challenges.

“They have root causes and the roots causes require political will, political action on our part against poverty, inequality and disconnections between our youths and the government.”

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