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The apex Igbo socio-cultural
organisation, Ohanaeze Ndigbo has expressed its unflinching support for
agitation for a sovereign state of Biafra.

The organisation announced its
backing at a press conference organised by its Secretary General, Dr Joe Nworgu
even as Ohanaeze revealed it was set hand over to new national officers in
January after election and to confirm the ban placed on the youth wing of the

Nworgu said that the continued
marginalisation of the Igbo has made the agitation for the state of Biafra
inevitable, saying that Igbo adults are as disgruntled as the youths who are
leading in the agitation for Biafra.

He said Ohanaeze had not condemned
the Biafran agitation by the youths, asking “why should we condemn what is

According to him,“the difference is
that while the parent body is preaching patience, the youths don’t have time
for such; youths must be youths, so they are responding in their own ways. But
the problem is the same injustice, insensitivity, exclusionism.All these
factors are creating the agitation, but the conclusions are different. The
elders or elderly people are advising, thinking that maybe there will be a
change of mind, but the youths have no time.”

Nworgu pointed out that the marginalization
of the Ndigbo has been on the increase after the civil war.

His words: “It has been very bad
since 1970, but under Buhari, it has been exacerbated and his attitude and
utterances are not helping matters. In fact, Buhari is even acting to provoke
us into taking a wrong step and to have a reason for a clampdown. So, we are
advising our youths to calm down based on the mindset of our president. When he
was appointed I said Ndigbo will desire a president who will be president to
all Nigerians because nepotism is corruption.”

He said Buhari’s negligence of the
Igbo became manifest when he made his first 32 appointments, but left the Igbo
with nothing.

“There are many sectors of
governance but when you have taken all the plum things, put them under your
town’s people, what do you expect the other people to do, they will feel
excluded. That is why Ndigbo are not happy with his administration,” he said.

Nworgu who spoke on Thursday said
Ndigbo knew ab initio the antecedent of Buhari, 
and that made them to support former President Goodluck Jonathan in the
2015 presidential election. He said they have no regrets in supporting

On the ban of the youth wing of
Ohanaeze Ndigbo, he said the action was justified, maintaining that  “there has been immense rascality by members
of the youth wing and the parent body was not satisfied with what was happening
and a committee was set up under Prof Atamuo to investigate the activities of
these young people who are supposedly tomorrow’s leaders. When their report
came out and it was presented to NEC  and
NEC felt that the report was so damaging that it needs not go public; so NEC
decided to take the young wing out of action. So, we resolved that the youth
wing be suspended.

However, the youth leaders who told
urban express  that they have reconciled
their differences accused Nworgu and the president general of chastising them
as their tenure of office would expire in 2019, saying that their travails were
not unconnected with alleged sum of money the parent body got from Dasuki.

But Nworgu said: “No money came to
Ohanaeze from Dasuki, Ohanaeze knows nothing about Dasuki’s money, but a
drowning man can fabricate anything.”

When told that the youth leaders
claimed to have video evidence of the Dasuki money, he said: “That is still the
height of the rascality we are talking about. For anybody to conceptualize such
rubbish; Ohanaeze got no money from Dasuki.”

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