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 Ahead of Saturday’s election in Ekiti state, political imbroglio broke out yesterday in reaction to the sealing of the state government house preventing supporters of Governor Ayodele Fayose from gaining access.
Gathering scheduled to take place at Fajuyi Park near government house was broken up as policemen fired teargas canister into the crowd with shooting into the air.
 But an  Assistant inspector general of police AIG Hosea Karma in charge of zone 6 and presently heading  operations in Ekiti state  on sunrise daily monitored by urban express news online this morning, however, disprove what was said, instead said what was done is to prevent any problems that may have occurred in the event police fold it arms.

 “There is no way two major parties would be having rallies at the same time and you want the police to fold their hands and not to act swiftly”. When asked whether the police actually hit a sitting governor on his neck, he said nothing of such happen.
“I have had cause to ask officers in that operation to ascertain if such developments took place as claimed by his Excellency the governor of Ekiti state but the response was just clear that nothing of such indeed happened”
Fayose had alleged that a police sergeant had hit him on his neck while holding a peaceful rally at the pavilion dispersing a peaceful gathering. The governor while explaining to newsmen in Ado Ekiti state capital broke into tears while wearing a neck brace “saying how can a sitting governor could be handled in this nature, “he queried.
“what we did was to call for a rally in support of the people’ Democratic Party (PDP), at the pavilion before we are being reinforced with canisters and sporadic shootings, kola Olusola Eleka”, the Deputy Governor and current Peoples Democratic Party flag bearer said
He Word: “My people, the Lord will fight this battle. This is not the democracy we asked for. I hope they will not cause a repeat of the 1983 situation.
Ekiti is now under siege. How can I be a governor and be treated like this? I will go to the hospital and stay for a while. I am having a lot of pain.
“I bear this because of you. The International community should come to our aid.
Ekiti is in trouble. Come and save Ekiti in this hour of her need. They said that they have institutions to kill the PDP candidate or me. The Lord will not allow them.” Fayose wept.
Olusola buttressed the governor’s claims, saying Fayose was hit on the neck with the butt of a gun.
He said he (Olusola) was also hit on the foot and shoulder.
He claimed that having introduced himself as deputy governor to the police boss on the ground, the latter had rebuffed him, allegedly saying: “Deputy Governor my foot!” insisting he was carrying out orders.
Images have since emerged online, showing Fayose sitting on the ground, eyes shut, seemingly dazed. One particular image showed a man administering what might have been first aid treatment.
 Meanwhile, the People’s Democratic Party had described the incident as an assassination plot.
Addressing journalists at its secretariat in Abuja, National Chairman Uche Secondus said: “This morning, in its desperation to forcibly take over Ekiti State, the APC-led Federal Government deployed armed police personnel led by one Compol Mopol Echel Echel, who blocked the Ekiti State Government House, attacked and placed the democratically elected governor of Ekiti State, Governor Ayodele Fayose, under house arrest. At the moment, no one goes in or out of the Government House.
“The invading police squad sacked the official security at the Government House, fired sporadically into the premises during which Governor Fayose was beaten up by policemen and brought down by volleys of teargas while several others were injured.
“This, we have been informed, is part of the ‘order from above’, in line with the earlier boast by the Buhari-led APC, to ‘cage’ Governor Fayose ahead of the July 14, 2018, Ekiti governorship election, so as to grant their agents a field day to rig the election.
In fact, we have been made aware that the invasion was a plot to assassinate Governor Fayose and blame it on accidental discharge by one of the policemen.”
He added: “We know that this is part of the desperate effort by the APC-led Federal Government to intimidate, subjugate, frighten and overawe the people and unleash a rigging mechanism for the election.”
Former President Goodluck Jonathan, in a statement issued by his spokesman Ikechukwu Eze, said: “I am appealing to the security agencies deployed in Ekiti State for the governorship election to carry out their duties according to the laws of the land by securing the state in a manner that will enable a peaceful electoral process.

“If it is true that the state governor, Mr Ayodele Fayose, was assaulted as reported in the media, my appeal is that such should not be allowed to happen again since the governor’s constitutional immunity guarantees that he should be given official protection to freely conduct the business of governing the state.”

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