One Fact about life is when the ability to read is being cultivated and that which becomes one’s way of doing, coming with ingredients that impact gives the knowledge that create the ability to do exploits.   

Given my  experience and background  as a first-degree holder in Accounting from the University of Ado Ekiti (now Ekiti State University), I’ve asked myself times without number, “Kayode, see, you studied accounting, what’s your business with freelance writing?

But then, I questioned myself again, “Kayode, you’ve garner up years in your career as a content writing coach right from your university days. Will you allow the benefit of accumulated experiences in identifying challenges freelance writers are facing be lost on you?”

I shook my head severally, used my right hand to wipe my face like someone who just woke up from sleep and thought within me, “Kayode, do you realized you’ve helped many aspiring and those who have unfulfilled dreams and feel incapacitated as writers?

 Why not come up with a book that will serve as a blueprint and reference material for personal and professional writing. Posterity will never forget you if you take this bold step…”

My response to the last question reinforced my desire to step out of my comfort zone and go for my dream – to be a professional freelance writer and also author a book (Fundamentals of Freelance Writing) to meet the yearning of freelance writers.

Fundamentals of Freelance Writing were borne from the recognition that there is a dire need to support and provide guidance for aspiring freelance writers and creative professionals.

As a content writing coach, I’m constantly being asked to provide information that will benefit freelance writers. This I hoped this book will achieve.

I say this without hyperbole, this book is of the most useful freelance writing books you will ever read. I know because I write and read books for a living, and also teach creative people to build a freelance writing career that is profitable, enjoyable and sustainable.

Here are the three top questions I’m asked regularly:

* “Starting a freelance writing business seems so complicated. Where do I start?”

* “I’m given my best to freelance writing, but not making much money from it. How can I improve my profitability?”

* “I’m always stressed and anxious. How can I run my freelance writing business without losing my mind?”

The answer to those questions is this: get my book, Fundamentals of Freelance Writing.

This book is for subject teachers, training institutes, copywriters, digital marketers, social media experts, media professionals and indeed all involved in knowledge sharing.

The book will be launched on Saturday, August 29, 2020, on Zoom by 11 am prompt.

You can still pre-order the book by making a deposit of N3,500 to:

Adeogun J. Kayode
Stanbic IBTC

N:B: (1) After making payment, send a WhatsApp message with a proof of payment to 08038520381.

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