President  Muhammadu Buhari has commended the courage of
Father Ejike Mbaka, for not only criticizing some policies of the former
President Goodluck Jonathan’s administration but also moving against the
latter’s reelection bid in the 2015 presidential poll.

A statement by Mr Femi Adesina,
Special Adviser on Media and Publicity to the president, said the president
noted that the message was not only honest but also well delivered.
President   Buhari  has “said that  one of the best exhortations to the
nation    he has heard from the pulpit
was the one made early  this year by   Father Ejike Mbaka of the Adoration
Minis-tries, Enugu.

“President Buhari expressed his
apprec-iation of the Catholic priest’s exemp-lary cou-rage, “the statement
read. It quoted the president as saying:” “Thank you very much for what you
have done and said. It brought you out to the whole country as a man of
courage. It was honest and well delivered.

“It has gone into the records as
one of the best concerns expressed from the pulpit, not because it favoured me
and my party, the All Progressives Congress, but because it was good for the
country.“ President Buhari reaffirmed his conviction  that change will come to the country, “with a
lot of hard work, despite the security and economic problems.”

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