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of the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) on Friday gave journalists a
hefty shove at its head office in Abuja As convener of concerned Nigerians Mr.
Deji Adeyanju was submitting a petition Alleging the All Progressive congress
National leader Ahmed Tinubu of  conveying Bullion Van to his home to Ibrahim Magu,
the chairman of the commission

had gone to submit a petition calling for the investigation of the source of
money Allegedly conveyed in bullion vans to the home of Asiwaju Ahmed Tinubu on the eve
of the 2019 presidential election.
activists who signed the petition were Ariyo-Dare Atoye of the Coalition in
Defence of Nigerian Democracy and Constitution and Adebayo Raphael of the Free
Nigeria Movement.
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manhandling continued unabated until the protest by journalist and activist is noticed
as the threat continues.
to the security personnel, Adeyanju said; “You are coming to intimidate people
here; “Why would you tell me to leave this place? This harassment is too much.
This is a public institution.”
are busy following yahoo boys (Internet fraudsters) up and
down’’, he added.
to journalists on the petition, however, Adeyanju said, “Remember, a few days
ago, the EFCC challenged Nigerians that the reason they cannot investigate
Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu over the election eve bullion vans sighted at his
residence was that there was no petition to that effect.
 “Some of us have already taken up the challenge which is exactly the reason we are here and I believe that, as citizens
of our country, we must always ensure that the right thing is done at all
can see that, even as we are addressing the press, members of the EFCC are
harassing us.”

petition noted that Section 7 (1) (b) of the EFCC Establishment Act 2004 gives
the commission the power to investigate properties of any person that appears
to the commission that the person’s lifestyle and extent of the properties are
not justified by his source of income.

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