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Christian Group in northern Nigeria
has called for an end to the “dirty politics” unfolding in the Christian
Association of Nigeria (CAN).

The group also called for justice
and sincerity in the dealings of the association.

The spokesman, Mr Luke Shehu, made
the appeal in an interview with the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN)  in Abuja.

Shehu explained that the group was
not speaking on behalf of the Northern Nigeria CAN or any state CAN, but
seeking to promote justice.

He described the “politics of CAN
as dirty and insincere,” following the last presidential election of the
association where Rev. Samson Ayokunle emerged as the new president.

“If CAN is truly standing on its
aim and objectives that all may be one, the same leaders at that top level will
not play dirty politics in CAN,” he added.

The spokesman said that there were
intended plans in the association to rig out a contestant from the ECWA/TECAN
block, which turned out to be the ECWA President, Rev. Jeremiah Gado.

“There is a constitution in CAN
which says in the five blocks, each should have a shot at the presidency.

“We have the ECWA Gen. Sec, Rev.
Musa Asake and Rev. Emmanuel Diggau who are today conspiring against ECWA
President who is also the Vice Chairman of the ECWA/TECAN block.

“They keep dealing in irregular
ways which is unexpected of clergies at their level to deny the ECWA President
his chance of contesting for the election,’’ he said.

Shehu said that the election was
reverted from the very day it was to hold just to deprive the ECWA candidate
the chance to contest and all efforts made to call on the attention of the leaders
were futile.

He also noted that many members
were not in attendance during the election.

“The day of the election was changed
from Wednesday to Tuesday; some delegates of the Northern Chairmen were not in

“The Northern Nigeria CAN leaders
wrote to the National Secretariat warning them of the implications of going
ahead with the elections because there were unsettled issues in the ECWA/TECAN

“The Catholic Secretariat also
wrote to the CAN Secretariat notifying them about the dangers of going ahead
with the elections and yet they insisted.

“We have written a letter to the
former CAN President titled `Exposing the desperate plot and conspiracy against
the TECAN/ECWA candidate for the CAN presidency,’’ Shehu said.

Reacting to the development, Rev.
Yakubu Pam, CAN Chairman of the 19 Northern states, said that they have as
church leaders appealed to the group and the issue was been looked into.

“CAN is not divided; every house
have their own problem; some groups were aggrieved from the last election.

“Young people have to be patient
and wait; there is no big deal about it; we do not need to take our dirty linen
outside the church,’’ Pam said.

Mr Daniel Kadzai, National
Chairman, CAN Youth Wing, also called on the group to exercise patience and
support the new president to be able to attend to pressing issues.

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