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The last we had about Dr Olusegun Obasanjo’s letter that sounded the alarm more loudly was the advice that serves as a spinner to the whole country, asking the incumbent president not to seek re-election come 2019. Yesterday, come another pointer of what he also suggests a means of moving the country forward, championing coalition for Nigeria movement (CN) and had its policies objectives presented by Duke and Oyinlola who indeed are former governors, where the duo lambast the federal government over “the rising unemployment, insecurity and absence of credible socio-economic programmes’’.

The former President, who insisted that the two prominent parties — the All Progressives Congress and the Peoples Democratic Party — would not take the country to its desired prosperous destination, thereafter proposed a coalition which would drive Nigerians to make positive choices during elections.
On Wednesday, the Obasanjo-inspired coalition was formally inaugurated, distributing branded T-Shirts and caps to the attendants.
The coalition said its membership was open to “all Nigerians of 18 years old and above.”
Urban express-new online observed that although Obasanjo was conspicuously absent, a former governor of Osun State, Olagunsoye Oyinlola, and former governors of Cross Rivers State, Donald Duke, were the two dignitaries at the inauguration.
More than 300 participants squeezed together in the hall used for the event.
Oyinlola, also a former Lagos State military governor, who made the chief remarks at the inauguration, said it was unfortunate that despite the myriads of challenges being faced by Nigerians, the Federal Government did not have a well-thought plan of action.
Oyinlola said, “Youth unemployment has hit the roof. Every year, we produce millions of graduates who will soon realise that the country has no place for them. The devil will always find one horrible job or the other for the idle hands. The youths who manage to have jobs are not guaranteed their salaries at the end of the month. Even companies in the private sector are facing very difficult times with very great effects on their employees and their capacity to expand. Every sensible person knows that there is trouble ahead unless something urgent is done.”
The former governor noted that the coalition agreed that they as former leaders were part of the problems of Nigeria, but offering solutions at the present was not an improper decision.
“It is in our plan of action to democratically build and enthrone a new set of youthful and knowledgeable leadership for this country. We shall have offices and elected officers in every ward, Local Government Areas, states and in the Federal Capital Territory, Abuja.
“The membership of the movement is open to all Nigerians of voting age. On funding, it is our belief that the money to run its affairs will come from the contributions of members at each level. The movement must not belong to a moneybag somewhere. That is the only way we do not end up with the problems we set out to solve.”

The former governor, who is also the Chairman of the National Identity Management Commission, also noted that if his present Federal Government’s appointment would collide with the interests of the coalition, he would relieve himself of the appointment.

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