importance of developing mankind essential needs and want is anchored on
bringing  ideas that encourage self-sufficiency
to those who are willing to consume and 
conform to desirable change, bring the society  to a functional  and epoch making place, and also helping
individuals  to be sustainable in  developing live sustaining abilities through
those initiative that truly gives birth to reality of transforming human lives
into opportunities instead of allowing it wallow away, killing productive
generation from one decade to the order. Last week , Barr Coker, a lawyer
brought an idea turns reality in form of community empowerment programme to the
people of Ojo community to share her own way of empowering the needy especially
those vulnerable who are in need of whatever form of up-liftments within their

A comatose that one can describe as ‘’political economy unwarranted
situation and the challenge of leadership’’ top our failings as a government as
well as to the promise tomorrow holds if we begin to do the right things. But
in a rare public and self-introspection, Barr Coker proved to many in Ojo
community that self-help remain on thing we must truly give to our self’s
having quality leaders to drive such seat through excellent coordination’s that
can yield fruits for larger proportions of crowed to have access to it and be
sufficient. An event which took place precisely in okokomaiko in time of
training and graduation was overwhelming in terms of accolades and positive

 On a personal not, I also had an encounter with Barr Coker over what
she considers as self-help that gave birth to the initiative that turned out to
be a success story today that ushered in about three hundred Artisans graduates
in Auto cad, desk top publishing and computer engineering. Even though the
chairman of the occasion, Engr  kolawole  indeed, played the role of  presenter efficiently, took such opportunity
of showering accolades to the achiever, the overwhelming spirits of dexterity
displayed by the initiator though put the chairman’s thoughts away from his real
function of that event.

 In the widest dream of that gentle man, it has never
come to his consciousness that we still have people who are greatly touched
with the challenges of our political economy that is ravaging and escalating
the levels of unemployment facing our society today. Back to the event, Shortly
before Master of ceremony took to the stage as presenter, the comedian ‘’melody
for comedy’’ gave a commending performance in which he weaved  the compelling  history of the community through laughter and
jokes into a tapestry of the African heritage ending it with lyrics that there
are categories of people, Places and cultures. In people, we have different
type in terms of status and values, in places he said we have various locations
that can be best describe where we belong in life of whether poor or rich
whilst our culture has remain never in-doubt of whatever we do as equality
remains the in thing.

 That perhaps set the note for the event in which the
master of ceremony was also at his best. He even poked fun at the expense of
one of the representatives of the Arewa community in Alaba whom he described as
commander of the Arewa in Lagos. Then come the big moment when the grandaunts
are ushered in to take their seats following the introduction by master of the
ceremony. Laying a foundation for her intervention, Barr Coker described
herself as an incurable optimist who always viewed any half-filled glass as
half full rather than empty. And because of that disposition to life, despite
the current gloom and doom that pervade the poverty index of the country with
trickle down effects on her community and environment, she remains upbeat that
the whole Ojo community would be sustainable with these initiative that is bill
to empower the youth especially where the youth would come out bigger, stronger
as was the case in the past.

 This optimism, Coker argued, was founded on the
familiar sequence of doing it yourself with her Bace-p initiatives that has, in
the past four years remain one unique concept of sustaining the poor and the
needy that are willing to be productive and the boom and bust they have always
engendered. She sees a consistent pattern in the whole idea where it would be
followed with a period of prosperity. Hon oluyomi Coker narrates how many of the
youths visits her office on several occasions, asking for various kind of
assistance which push out the idea that has tuned success into realization of
self-independent of the youth in Ojo local government. Using the advancement of
technology to illustrate how the world has changed so dramatically in the last
two decades- to the extent that  it has
broken the monopoly of information by every means possible where through his
empowerment initiatives, are able to actualize basic understanding of
empowering the youths with Auto cad design, desk top publishing and computer
engineering. According to Coker, building enduring political institution is
critically challenging, she said the idea of relying on ‘’good people’’ in what
is usually referred to as benevolent dictatorship could be perilous. 

Coker said
she once argues with some people about it and her submission is ‘’whatever is
worth doing at all is worth doing well, indeed’’. Given the unpredictability of
our leaders, she would rather recommend strong institutions that guarantees
rule of law. Advancing her thoughts about representative government that is turn ensure dividend of democracy, ’Coker contended that government and its leaders must
always see their selves as selfless, and be ready to be accountable to the
people. ‘Coker can see the rise of human talents across the local
government but she admonished; ‘’we must first begin to invest in our people
that are talented, this, one does by investing in empowerment’s such as
this. Don’t invest in consumption today at the expense of the youth of
tomorrow, don’t subsidies the present and compromise the future’’ as the presentation was on-going, , master of ceremony did invites to the podium,
Oluyomi Coker, the initiator of the programme. 

Their task was simply to present
a plaque to those who merits its award.  Engr Peter kolawole  who indeed 
happened to be the chairman of the occasion, was given award  of excellence, given  his support on developmental strides,  the initiator, Bace-p empowerment
programme  in person of Hon. Coker said
‘’  for making us to know what we should
have known  in this local government,
‘’we all  have the needed potentials  that will lead to  our progress individually that one should leverage upon,  but when we have people like you to ginger
us,’’ its encourages  us to do more’’. 

That for me, was some remarkable event of reality but as I reflected
on Barr Coker’s empowerment initiative, I cannot but wonder if some of our
political leaders would stop doing stupid things’’ it is instructive to note also
that at about the same time the event was going on in Ojo, some people are
going all out to give a dog a bad name for it to be hanged. Is it that some
people don’t just like good initiative of this kind? Well, from my reflections,
I do understand that those cups of rice some people usually get as incentive
and basis for casting their vote for their so called their’’ particular
individual had beclouded their right thinking senses, and subsequently, they
will never want anything good that will jeopardize their own individual gains
as against the larger proportion of the populace. I also wonder whether we have
stopped doing’’ stupid things ‘’  when
our grass root administrators in that region are now  busy, not developing  the human potentials in their  jurisdiction but rather, searching for some
imaginary  thing that give personal
gains. Well, to borrow a colloquial expression, hon. Oluyomi Coker has done its
own bit but we must commend her and the management of Barr Coker’s empowerment
programme [bace-p] for what were a most eventful initiative and a most
enjoyable moment.

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