Olusegun Ariyo

IN Its bid of Sustaining revenue generation drive, Ogun 1 custom says it has made significant progress in anti-smuggling operation in the state during the month of August 2021 with a total record of %95 seizures and more revenue to its coffers.

This disclosure was made during a press conference conducted by the ogun 1 custom command area comptroller, Peter Kolo, who said seizures comprising four thousand one hundred and thirty-eight bags of foreign parboiled rice of 50kg each, eight hundred and thirty cartons of frozen poultry used vehicles and means of conveyance, six sacks of cannabis Sativa, six bales and second-hand clothing, six sacks of ninety pieces of used handbags, sixteen sack and thirty-four pairs of used shoes, five-hundred and ninety-two kegs of petroleum products of twenty-five litres each for smuggling outside the country.

Continuing, comptroller kolo stated that though in the area command is closed custom operations in the area of revenue generation but the only available source has remain auctions of seized petroleum products and scrap materials.

With this, the command is able to generate a total of one million, nine hundred and ninety thousand five hundred in the month of August 2021 and the cumulative paid value of all our seizures during the month amounted to seventy-two million, five hundred and eighty-nine thousand, four hundred and seventy-three Naira (N72,589,473)”.

He commended the courage and gallantry of all his officers in Ogun 1 command in the face of sustained intimidation and unwarranted attacks by desperate daredevil smugglers in the state, saying it is important to maintain high levels of professionalism in carrying out their statutory duties.

He commended all sister security agencies in the state for their synergy and collaboration with customs service adding that traditional rulers are critical stakeholders supporting the cause of their operation and indeed the media for their objective reporting.

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