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President Mohammadu Buhari has urge Nigerians to continue staying
at home with a promise of more palliatives for vulnerable Nigerians in order to
comply with restrictions orders with the understanding of defeating Coronavirus
that has been ravaging the world.

Urban Express-News Online report the directives of president
mohammadu Buhari on its march 20th 2020 broadcast where he handed
down restriction order in Lagos, Ogun and federal capital territory.

Buhari in a statement by his spokesperson, Mallam Garba Shehu on Saturday
expresses appreciation to all Nigerians for their patience, resolve and
determination to defeat COVID-19 pandemic

entreated Nigerians not to waiver in complying with the lockdown order which
aims at allowing citizens to observe social distancing to break the cycle of
transmission of the novel virus.

asked Nigerians “to observe restrictions on movement where they are in place,
and follow the instructions of our scientists and medical advisers: stay home,
wash your hands, save lives.

“All that the government
is asking you to endure is because there is no known way of defeating this
pandemic (yet). There is no vaccine. And that means there are choices to be
made…We cannot expect others to come to our assistance. No one is coming to
defeat this virus for us…We cannot wait for others.

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