All of a sudden in our faces and culture, security
trend has taken a new turn in Nigeria. Indeed, Crime in various dimensions. The
unexpected fortune is always making the news round in various categories rising
from theft, armed robbery attacks and off course, kidnapping. This challenge
has become unprecedented as bad as it is in itself? I should think so.
But then, if the rages of performance of the security agent can be a sign that proactiveness
and responses is on the ascendant, then adding voice to hope would have been actualized
at last. But indeed, many observers fear the worst. 

The first point of this
entry is par harp to ask if really the concept of community policing and the
level of responses in time of distress are truly done by the security agent
within our environment with utmost sincerity. Indeed, we can only prove this
with the levels of crime rate, the views of the inhabitant and other relevant
stake holders like the police community relationship committee. This, bring us
to the maladies  that have in recent time
plague urban centers  today in crime where
criminal activities  are assuming
dangerous tendencies and not only threatening life’s and properties but
national sense of well-being and coherence. But just in case someone is
thinking of prancing forward to sound indigent and very surprised, let it be
said for the record that there is nothing essentially surprising here we are
only tailoring the trends of reality: the situation is bringing social problem,
reducing the citizen’s quality of life.

 The much expected factors like
urbanization, traditional structure and value system are indeed in necessity in
that, it is relational in the admixture of positive and negative trend that
revolve round it. For instance, criminal behavior is naturally undermined and
unfortunately, has deleterious effect on the livability of urban dwellers and
indeed, it is believed to be the inevitable part of the security provision
since the bottle neck arose from such. 

The Nigerian police numerical strength
is not commensurate with the total population of one police to five hundred
Nigerian unlike in developed countries with one police to about four hundred
people. What is a bit new is that the upheavals of rural urban migration that
occasionally add-up to the already existing urbanization and the challenges
that comes with it within our communities are in the negative, encourages many
people to take solace in crime, making observer to have more question than
answer as to how the system actually functions regularly or not at all. 

aside, there are also often the butt jokes from some of the distillation
process that is found to be rigorous in there institutional frame work. Some of
their members where actively and deliberately discouraged from taking there
delusional mode of operation too seriously, which In fact allows the system run
the risk of having them let loose. In the case, diligent and swift approaches
have always remained a solving solution.

 Beyond the foregoing, there is the
matter of   whether there is truly some form of surveillance
and responses in igando environs. When thoroughly compromised the level of
responses and proactiveness in time of distress, many observer in the habitat of
igando believe that the pre-primary level of surveillance by security agent is
practically unregulated, and any means of taking due advantage of such can be
leveraged with this. Minimizing visual obstacle and the elimination of
political criminals for protection against crime may come in handy for anyone
who already has such intention, given the fact that settlement remains a place
of aboard for different individual with various socio economic strata. All
communities that   is of    heterogeneous settlement that have tried to
ascertain the level community policing by giving it a trial were shock to
discover that over average of these conceptual framework is indeed in reality
of what has made many sleep with their two eyes closed. We need not say
anything other than to encourage the new divisional police officer in charge of
regulating and overhauling the organizational manipulations with reality
principle that support the changes it desires. 

The synergy of successfully
sharing of intelligent gathering between the vigilante group and the police is
one of the outcome of what igando environment has turned out in achievement.
The confusion of who said what has ravaged the preponderance of sustaining the
continuous harmonious relationship of the police community relationship
committee in igando, which has thoroughly, hinders the relationship between
that community and the police. Today, the rest is history. A related problem,
but one which neither the police nor the community rarely considers in time of
security evaluation is the settlement pattern of igando environment. Looking at
the spatial relationship of residence, one will agree that such location are
found with the admixture of the innocent and offenders in a population
concentration in a particular place of settlement of such, and indeed making it
more cumbersome and inevitable to identify those with such negative intentions. 

That brings us to the phenomenon of overcrowding and apparently one out of numerous
circumstances that is responsible for different crime committed at igando
environ. The fact that the inner-city is dominated by land owning native born
residence in the peri-urban area of the metropolis; it is by no means a
multiplier effect that seems more on social division in igando environs that is
exacerbated by the spatial distribution of criminal of different categories,
given the existing pattern it portrays. On basic features of crime surveillance
is that its gates are open to legitimate intelligence reports while its bowels
are conceived to stem crime, at least to an understandable level. Bringing
these to bear was when a gallant officer came on board, had an encounter with
him in time of distress when armed robbers came to igando environment, an SMS
was sent to his phone, and immediately he replied and wrote; we are there already;
was amazed by  the encouraging  response that came almost immediately in more
proactive manner in the wee hours of the night. After all that transpired at
night with the uncomfortable sporadic shooting that ravaged every where with
close sound range. It was as if the shooting was taking place right in my bed

That was how sophisticated the weapon was indeed. Decided to put my
journalistic instinct to play the penultimate day it occurred, went to the office
of the divisional police officer. On getting there, curiously he said painfully’
this has never happened to me since my joining the force, where we had an
emergency alert, and in response, we moved swiftly towards the scene, had a gun
duel with those men of the under-world and in the process, we lost two of our
officers.’’. I was touched by that submission, an indication that he was truly
a security strategist; Igando witnessed in the past, an institution of trouble
in term of response to crime and without any-form of surveillance that would
have helped to combat crimes of various kinds. Reincarnation has been proved
beyond reasonable doubt by the efforts of scientist who, in an attempt to
disprove it through regressive hypnosis, ended up with the opposite conclusion.
It is also against this background of the foregoing that one is constrained to
comment on the impact made on igando environment through proactive response and
diligent surveillance that has since been yielding desired results. It was
through this excellent surveillance and proactive response in time of distress,
Benjamin osuji came to the picture. Chief Superintendent of police, with vast
understanding of rapid response that has being paying off. A man is as old as
he thinks indeed, this is so true when the thought of community policing has
become e
ffective in igando environs. 

police community relationship committee and bringing positive responses between
the police and the residence. Until recently, his responses paid off again when
kidnappers were apprehended at the inception of assuming duty. As gallant as he
was, he had a stint as the field commander when the federal government
inaugurated a task force against pipeline vandal. On assuming office, punch
newspaper describe it as dooms day for vandals knowing him to be a no nonsense
person in the recent past. An officer with candor, always stand tall in any
responsibility given. The drive of the inspector general of police on
professionalism through intelligent gathering has begun to yield fruit in
igando environment. Even though there are disagreements in some quarters that
heinous crimes like kidnapping are alien to our nation, it will be more
meaningful condescending with it by repositioning our police  contingent like the way osuji has done with a
divisional headquarters that is  just a
division other than lamenting.

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