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The Presidential Taskforce (PTF) for has fingered Governors of Edo and Ogun state for allowing the gathering of such magnitude at the burial of senator Buruji kashamu and the crowds in the ongoing campaign in Edo rallies without due consideration to physical distancing as means of restricting Nigerians from contacting the various in the country.

 This submission was made in a press briefing on Monday in Abuja, and that which was monitored on channels television broadcast by urban Express-News Online

The Ogun east senator was buried after a brief illness, after it was tweeted that his death was COVID-19 related and was eventually buried in his home town ijebu-Igbo, Ogun state coming with the large crowd while on the political front in Edo state, rallies from both major parties of All Progressive Congress and People Democratic Party was reported to have come with a large crowd in total defiance to safety protocols

Fielding questions, the National Coordinator of the Presidential Taskforce, Dr Aliyu said he was dismayed with the levels of compliance when it comes to some of these activities.

 “The issue is; we know that COVID-19 does not act like a proper pandemic. If you have a proper pandemic like Ebola, as I have always said, you will have dead bodies on the streets, people bleeding to death; that sharp factor is there and we do not need to do anything further to convince people to protect themselves and to do the right thing.

“We are faced with a pandemic that is an invisible enemy; we are faced with a pandemic where the majority of us would probably not have come across somebody with COVID-19.”

Aliyu said leaders in the respective states failed to ensure compliance with protocols at the events, urging them to ensure more enforcement of safety guidelines.

Aliyu also stated, “When it comes to wearing of (face) mask for instance; when you wear a mask, it is actually an act of kindness and caring. What you are saying is that you care about the people that you will meet; you don’t want to infect them with COVID-19.

“The same thing applies when it comes to social distancing. It is much easier to be proactive. It is much easier for civil authorities, leaders and governors to make sure that those situations that pose a risk of mass gathering are avoided.”

He said Nigeria was lucky that it had not recorded the high number of deaths that other countries had recorded.

Regarding test on 85 local governments, the Chairman of the PTF, Boss Mustapha, disclosed that 85 local government areas in the country had so far not conducted any COVID-19 test.

As a result of this, he said the affected local government areas in the 20 states had not reported any case of the virus.

He added that five states still account for 60 per cent of confirmed cases while 50 per cent of all cases were in 20 per cent local governments.

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