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A Nigerian, who Preferred to remain anonymous which according to him, is due to the way Nigerians are being treated in Ghana was on board African World Airline flight Aw 208 on Monday 21st of September 2020 with origin from Accra and destination to Nigeria had cried out to Nigeria authorities to wade into what he describes as injustice saying passengers were not told that their luggage will not arrive while checking in from their origin Accra where they boarded.

Explaining to urban Express-News and other selected journalists through a WhatsApp conference call,   said he was informed by skyway Aviation Holding company (SAHCO) officials that the luggage’s of the entire passengers did not come with the flight and that they wanted to take our luggage details saying the bags would arrive the next day Tuesday 22 September 2020 but as we speak, nothing is forthcoming, he said.

“We are at the Airport as we speak; all passengers that we boarded together from Accra are here, nothing of signs to show that our luggage had arrived or is on the ground”, we are only allowed to carry 30kg and unlike me that have more specifically 90kg, I paid 90 dollars and still those items of luggage did not arrive as at when due til as we speak

Another female passenger confirms to urban Express-News online that they never told any passenger that when boarding the flight that their luggage will not be coming with them, she added, what we were told after boarding was that our luggage may not arrive with us, but that it will come the next day, she said

“We followed all required COVID-19 protocols, did everything on arrival, but to my utmost disappointment, we were told that our luggage’s did not come with us, everything that is expected of me to use is in my luggage, only my laptop bag was allowed with me on board, every material needed for the conference event I’m bill to attend are inside my luggage as that was the essence of coming to Nigeria in the first place, “I am disappointed, he said!

Ask if any complaints is lodged to government authorities officially, His Word: “ I have done that on  the web page of the Nigeria civil Aviation Authority (NCAA) to lodge complain, I will send you the screen shot for evidence, but nothing has changed till as we speak.

He added “ at this point I’m helpless, Nigeria government should please help me, the essence of coming here is fast diminishing as every material needed is in my luggage that is hanging in the balance, please help me, he said, in a rather disappointed mood!

I had tried severally to get an update and only to find out that the bags will not come until Thursday and that no one from the said Airline has bothered to call to offer any explanation other than outright disrespect to Nigeria.

Their excuse has been that they have backlog of luggage’s and that they are taking it in batches which also suggest that not all the luggage’s will arrive on the Thursday” he said.

When our correspondent called the line given, a lady who simply identified her name as “patience” picked and when asks why are passenger  luggage’s coming from Accra is not allowed to come on board with them,  she said once the weight of luggage exceeds what is required, the passenger may not be able to carry such luggage along,

But the complainant said all of them that boarded didn’t come with their luggage, she said it’s not true, some came with their luggages and some did not, and that is not our fault, she added!  

“Our Allocation for arrival in Nigeria is Monday, Tuesday and Thursdays and these are allocated time for the arrival of Africa world Airline, patience said”

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