Yakubu Dogara has narrated how God used the Governor of Ekiti state, Ayo Fayose
to confirm him as speaker of the House of Representatives. Speaking at a
special pilgrimage programme: “A day with Jesus for Nigeria in Israel,”
organised by the Nigerian Christian Pilgrims Commission (NCPC), which held in
Jerusalem yesterday October 25th, Dogara narrated how he met with Fayose during
the race for speakership and how Fayose prayed for him & he became

“Concerning the race for
speakership race, it was almost the same story to how I won the election to the
House. Some of our members and the powers that be said they did not want a
fundamentalist Christian, that I am a fanatic. At a point, I decided to leave
everything to God, having realised that human efforts were not working, even my
supporters had resolved to accept the deputy speakership offer, which I
declined. In the process, I think a few days, thereafter, that I ran into my
brother, the governor of Ekiti State, Ayo Fayose, for the very first time. When
I got to him, I did not know I was coming to meet a prophet, I thought I was
coming to see a politician.

If they had told me what
happened that day was going to happen, I would not have believed it. When we
got to him (Fayose), he took us to a swimming pool, told everybody to remove
his/her shoes, asked us to hold our hands, kneel down and he started praying.
As he started the prayers, I said wow! I have never seen or heard a politician
pray in this version before, but I thank God that those prayers really worked
for me. Come and see the words coming out of Fayose’s mouth. He mentioned my
name, saying ‘I pronounce you the Speaker of House of Representatives’, and he
said the God who made his own possible, would make my own possible.”he said

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