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The Department of State Service (DSS) has arrested propagator of Buhari’s
carrier of fake wedding news on social media space.
The 32-year-old Kabir Mohammed
who hails from Kano was paraded today at the Dss headquarters and that which was
monitored from channels news platform of politics today.

The Director of media, Dr Afunnanya was quoted as saying “on 11th
of October 2019, the Honorable minister of finance shamsuna Ahmed brought a formal
complain to the commission about an individual who is propagating fake wedding
news on social media, and that which has brought an embarrassment to her and
ask that investigation be opened on the said matter.
Mohammed who hails from Kano state was arrested after several
months of painstaking investigation by the operatives of the Department of
state service.
The social media sensationalization of the purported news of
President Buhari’s fake wedding with the minister of Disaster management and
humanitarian Affairs, Zainab Mohammed is believed to be coming from a suspect who is alleged to be behind a widely circulated invitation card
requesting a guest to the wedding which never existed

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