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The just concluded election that produces the All progressive Congress candidate Dr Kayode Fayemi in Ekiti as the winner on the July 14th  gubernatorial election as declared by the independent national electoral commission (INEC) has been rejected by its close contender, the Peoples Democratic Party.
In a statement made available to urban to urbanexpressnewsonline said;  the candidate of the people’s Democratic Paraty flag bearer, Professor Olusola Eleka and Deputy Governor, Ekiti state had voiced out his position regarding the outcome of the Ekiti state  gubernatorial  election saying what happened in the state remains unfortunate and a dangerous coming in  the past 24 hours where he alleged  the election was hijacked by what he described as political desperadoes leveraging on “federal might” to pervert the electoral process, subvert the will of Ekiti people, and viciously steal the mandate  given willingly to him, the PDP flag bearer alleges.

Olusola claims he won the election overwhelmingly receiving more than 70% of the lawful votes where he accused the electoral,  body (INEC) of purportedly giving the  All Progressive Congress (APC)and its Candidates; Dr John Kayode Fayemi.
 “This is the most audacious electoral robbery of our recent history, “it shall not stand, by the grace of almighty God and support, “I will pursue and regain my mandate”
He alleged indiscriminate arrest of its party leaders and agent citing harassment and brutalization of voters on a massive scale especially in Ado, ikere and its suburbs giving cover.
“Why should government at the centre with the instrument of power give support to thugs imported into Ekiti by APC to snatch ballot boxes, create confusion, cause mayhem and drive away voters in PDP strongholds, he queried!
“What I’m yet to come to terms with, is the way our polling agents have driven away from collation centres and the illegal seizures of documents and materials in their possession among other infractions”
He wondered why INEC on its part renegades on the promise to have results counted, declared and pasted on the wall of each polling station.
“There was nowhere INEC transmitted results from the polling centres as earlier promised”. “Ballot boxes were illegally moved to INEC offices while our agents were disallowed from following the process”

He said INEC also allows late voting by APC in hideouts when it was obvious the figures still would not add up after all infractions mentioned above.

Continuing, Eleka said after it was obvious they still can’t win , what was done is that they deliberately caused power outage  with no alternative source of power at the collation centers, in other to stop the announcements of results wards by word to for them to write fictitious results  in favour of APC and its candidate.

“we doubt, what has played out in Ekiti is the APC Template for the 2019 general election”, this not just a sad day for Ekiti but also for democracy in Nigeria”

He said nothing demonstrates this better than the gloom that has enveloped our dear state since they announced their convoluted result. “Ekiti mourns! But I ask our people not to be despondent but keep hope alive”  he reminded the people of Ekiti of MKO Abiola’s quote that says “This is another battle we will fight and win”

He said doing it, explains that Ekiti sons and daughters must eschew violence” “they will try and provoke you but the good lord will help you all to keep calm as I will leave with the famous quote of former president Jonathan that  no ambition of any is worth the blood of a single Ekiti son or daughter”
Meanwhile, the presidency has berated Governor Ayodele Fayose; the outgoing governor of Ekiti state for acknowledging that the election they just conducted was a referendum on president mohammadu Buhari and him and as justification, describing him as the end; a high powered nothing. In a statement signed by president’s media assistant, Malam Garba Shehu obtained through the Facebook account of the Special Adviser to the president on media and publicity, Femi Adeshina said parts of  his  claims were that he described Kayode Fayemi and Olusola Eleka as pawns and that he and president Buhari were actual contestants

The statement put further that the same Fayose that described the former governor Kayode Fayemi as persona non grata is now grata again, says president Buhari has now won this referendum.
“The people of the state have sent a clear message that politics of brinkmanship, assault, insults, abuses and robin hoodism disguised as stomach infrastructure has been rejected in favour of politics of inclusion, development, responsibility and good governance.
 Shehu said President Mohammadu Buhari’s war against corruption and insecurity remains a clear message of Agric revolution and infrastructure developments and fidelity in resource allocation and management that have struck a chord with Ekiti voters who had been lied to and deceived by Governor Ayo Fayose.
“While the opposition continues to rant at him, President Mohammadu Buhari’s uprightness, coupled with in-corruptibility and personal integrity unmatched by any politician in the country has again stood the taste of time”
Shehu said the All Progressive Congress Win in Ekiti means that the party has control over 25 out of 36 states of the federation, believes the party thus becomes the only one in power in the six states of the southwest geo-political zone.
“Besides reinforcing the APC’s position as the only standing pole in the political landscape, it is a credit to the national leader of the party, Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu, against whom all manner of ethnic and religious opposition is being mounted by former President Obasanjo and some of the Asiwaju’s sworn enemies in the sub-region”.
Continuing, Malam Shehu believes  With this, the political landscape of the South-West has been transformed. APC’s regional strength has been strengthened and the Asiwaju will be respected even better. Without losing patience and decorum, the Asiwaju has proved that rivals must reconcile and come to terms or lose everything.
“For the People’s Democratic Party (PDP) which came second in the election in a state that they held sway, it is a loss politically and psychologically. The result of the election has proved that PDP is irreparably broken and dismantled. They have nothing to offer to the country and its people. The message from Ekiti is that no state in Nigeria will vote PDP. Never again”.

“As for Mr Fayose and his morbid brand of politics, it is now time to reconcile himself to the imminent political extinction he faces, his political career sealed for good”. “Fayose never fits the role of a gadfly because he thrives on bitter enmity. The opposition does not mean a negative view of everything. Neither does it translate into a license to abuse your superiors”.

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