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Nigerians on social media are requesting the inspector general of Police, IGP Adamu Mohammed to extend its reform to the Lagos State task force on Environmental Sanitation and Special Offences Unit saying its present states need extensive reforms as justification over many cases of human right infringements arising from abuses, an allegation of extortion and in most cases, enforcements with fewer regards to a court order restraining them.

Citing a case of inhuman treatment, one of the respondents wondered why the officer in charge was eventually not reprimanded after a viral video shown the role he played in destroying many  Beer Parlour bottles  During covid-19 restriction.

“If you restrict Nigerians from all form of movements, it shouldn’t mean one should use force just because he’s in uniform and destroy people’s property, was there no law guiding every mean of restriction?

“In Other climes, we saw the way they do more of media projections, campaign enlightening their people on the dangerous trend of the pandemic, but here in Nigeria, it is the use of force, infringing against human right of the Nigeria people.

Another respondent who simply gives her name as Azizat accused the task force of destroying her shop at lekki even after showing them court order, vandalized all my belongings, push me and my workers away in a most in a human way.

This is some of the inhuman treatments, those task force along Oshodi perpetuate against many inhabitants in Lagos.

We want the inspector general of police, IGP Adamu to immediately overhaul all of them and give the task force a new facelift as many of them are dragging the image of the police in the mood, what we are experiencing on EndSARS is just an eye-opener to a lot of havoc some of those police officers and men had done committing a crime against humanity and now is just the right time to give the police a facelift.

 The police image is nothing to take home about as this is just the time for a total overhaul of the task force unit in Oshodi; adding that some had overstayed their welcome there.  

We are waiting for the committee set up by the Lagos state government to kick start, there are many hidden once that will be revealed at the hearing against some police officers and their men in the way they have perpetuated crime against humanity.

“The #EndSARS has a lot embedded in it, and part of it is what we’ve just mentioned here, and it shall form part of our agitation in days to come, the police seriously needs drastic change if truly its purpose to save life and property remains as it is embedded in the 1999 constitution, some of the responders said”.

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