Lagos CP investigating clash between Okada riders, policemen in ...

The Lagos state
police  command said it has relocated checkpoints for ease of movement in other to
avoid bottlenecks of those providing essential service to stem the challenges
of Coronavirus pandemic that has been ravaging the country.

This development
surfaced as a result of the challenges those providing essential service are faced with because of the interstate lockdown that is emplaced in other to sustain
some levels of containments in the states of the federation.

President Buhari had initially handed down a total lockdown in three states of the federation
which include Ogun, Lagos and the federal capital territory before it was
relaxed but that did not include the interstates lockdown and the continuous
regulations coming from states in the federation and the presidential task
force (PTF) put in place by the president that is saddled with the
responsibilities of managing those various challenges.

The Lagos
state Police Public Relation officer, Dsp Bala elkana in a statement said the development
was what  made the commissioner of police, CP Hakeem Odumosu in company of other
officers  in Lagos and Ogun state to
monitor compliance with curfew order.

He said
the monitoring team noticed that some essential service workers were trapped in
the gridlock that builds up during a thorough check especially on trucks likely to
have large numbers of persons concealed for interstates travel, adding that it
took a lot of efforts from the CP and his team to create alternative routes for those on essential duties to pass.

Elkana said
the observation made by commissioners of police and his team informed the  decision to relocate the enforcement checkpoints to more spacious and
conductive location.

“The new
locations have more intersections that have the ability to sustain safety with other ancillary services like u-turn with easily turn back vehicles that are not
on essential duties thereby paving the way for essential services workers to move
to their various destinations”.

to the presidential guidelines, essential services workers include hospitals,
and all related medical establishments as well as organizations in health care
related manufacturing and distribution.

establishments such as food, processing, distribution and retail entities,
power generation, transmission and distribution companies and private security
companies are also exempted; access will be restricted and monitored.

in telecommunication companies, broadcasters, print and electronic media staff
who can prove they are unable to work from home are also exempted.

said Nigerians in need of complaints should Endeavour to call this following
numbers 09010512352, 09010512353, 09010512355, 09010512356, 09010512358.  

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