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A shocking revelation was doled out of the red chambers yesterday at
the plenary. One after the order, senators gave real reasons coming with
reality of how Nigerians are being robbed of billions of naira following the
unwholesome practice by telecommunication operators in Nigeria, the inefficiency
of GSM Network operators resulting to poor services

 The Senate said it was worried
that operators in Nigeria had recently been experiencing terrible congestion on
their networks, thus denying subscribers the benefits of getting value for
their money and hampering their ability to make or receive calls successfully.
Recovered Money Against this backdrop, the Senate asked the Nigerian
Communications Commission, NCC, to immediately invoke the appropriate
provisions of the law and other extant agreements to protect consumers where
necessary, seek customers refund for disrupted calls caused by network issues
and allow them have more control over their usage of data bundles as practiced
by telecom operators in countries like Kenya (Safaricom), South Africa, etc.

The Upper Chamber urged the
NCC; the Consumer Protection Council, CPC; Standards Organisation of Nigeria,
SON, and other regulatory agencies to carry out effective supervision of
telecom service providers to ensure regulatory excellence; operational
efficiency and sterling service delivery. The resolutions of the Senate were
sequel to a motion by Senator Andy Uba (APC, Anambra South), entitled:
 “The increasing rate of dropped
calls and other unwholesome practices by telecommunication network operators in
Nigeria that have robbed Nigerians of their hard earned billions of naira.” The
Senate also directed the NCC and other relevant agencies to carry out a
thorough investigation of the causes of dropped calls in the GSM network and
come up with innovations that would improve customer experiences. It has also
asked its Committees on Communications and Trade & Investment to further
look into the issues raised in this Motion.
 Earlier in his presentation of
the motion, Senator Uba said:  ‘’The Senate notes that telecommunication
services have gradually become an integral part of the Nigerian economy, as
well as an important tool in the social-economic life of Nigerians, over the
last decade; “It observes that Nigerian Mobile Telecommunication subscribers
have of late, experienced a disturbing and yet increasing rate of dropped
calls; encountered incomprehensible speech and voice quality that sounds like
speaking from the bottom of a fish tank;
 “The Senate is worried that all
the G.S.M operators in Nigeria have recently been experiencing terrible
congestions on their networks, thus denying subscribers the benefits of getting
value for their resources and hampering their ability to make or receive calls
successfully; “It observes that operators also have an unfair advantage with
dropped calls from per-minute users as callers end up paying for an entire
minute if a call drops in between, especially within the first few seconds;
 “It is worried also that
subscribers’ expectations that the quality of service delivery proffered by a
G.S.M. network operator improves as the network matures is no longer realistic;
“It further observes that despite the warning issued by the Nigerian
Communications Commission on the activities of telecom operators using the
dropped call mechanism to defraud Nigerians by deducting money from phone users
illegally, no serious sanction / penalty has been issued against any operator
to date;

“The Senate is concerned that though service providers
have continued to expand their network coverage beyond what their existing
infrastructure could carry, no adequate provision has been made to improve
service delivery. ‘’A recent investigation shows that the four  major
operators, namely MTN, Airtel, Etisalat and Globacom, could not provide the
rate of drop calls on their networks; and they appear not to see the reason to
compensate their customers for disconnected calls or address their frustrations 

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