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One thing is sure about life when looking at it from the
point of political em-anticipation with leadership impact on you and me, the
purpose it was meant to fulfill, and not the other way round.  My ardent followers would ask, what do I mean
with this assertion?

Before I let the cat out of the bag, I must not fail to
congratulate my viewers on this new platform called ‘’Urban express news’’
where unfiltered and up to date news is rolling out for audience digest, and
also to put their heart on the track about the incoming local government
election in the state of Lagos that is pregnant with loads of political
activities. Even though I must not fail to wish my viewers well, it is in my
considered opinion not to also forget the unfolding political activities that
we are seeing in site coming. Let me once again wish you all the blessings that
come with this Ramadan.

 As Lagos state
steadily approaches its local government election this year, the polity has
been heating up with various permutation and conjectures as the fate of its
local government is going to be decided by those political leaders of various
spheres and strata, coming from local constituencies.

The faith of our constituency in particular, which happens to
be the major point of entry into this discussion is being decided by our
internal democratic mechanism   which is
expected to be displayed by every existing political parties in the country,
Starting from the hurdle of delegate’s nomination that comes with numerous
contestants for chairmanship and councilor positions and at the end, seeing
winners coming out outstanding among other fellow contestants.

Also, where after all said, would become the flag bearer of
its party, and also come out in an open contest with other fellow candidates in
other parties when the time is ripe for its election proper, that we are about
to see it unfold, going by the recent appointment of Lagos state independent
electoral commission’s chairman by His Excellency, Mr. Akinwumi Ambode, as
stipulated by the ground norm used as laid dawn principles, binding those
political offices, paving way for qualified 
Nigerians who are willing to fill those positions of leadership.

But then, another focal point here that opened up area of interest
that should serve as lesson in the cause of this narratives, is what played out
in the last election that gave birth to smear campaign against so many
political gladiators in the time when house of representative primary were
conducted and that which came out with shocking revelations that is serving as
lesson to those, who in there widest imagination, never seen it coming. True,
though not surprising to others, given the way some of our politicians do their
things. Yes, I would only say  its only added  to my adulations, and that precisely is the
point, and  such events was for long a
time,  envisaged.

This contention is indeed one salient points and tonic
considered sweet for audience of this column, where also, its open up a vista
of x-raying the scenarios with lessons to learn 
in these coming local government election, essentially in those  intrigues  
that played during and after process which took place in the last
exercise in Ojo federal constituency that saw the incumbent Toyin suarau   failing in a bid  to regain back his ticket,  to 
usher another representative that throws 
more  flash of many  color effects, with-which, reeled out results
that did not come as surprise to many .’’In that scenario, one can only adduce
to this fact, that ‘’favor can be deceitful, beauty is but veil’’.

As the dead to the undead, the lock to the key, pencils and
erasers, what is done may be undone. If Ojo constituency must burn, then let it
burn, but at least let’s have a reason for striking the match. Be gone with
sympathetic undertakers and white washed sepulchers filled with nothing but
decayed bones; I am not going to let another’s coffin rest on my conscience, if
there is to be any more rape of injustice, it will not start with me.’’

The crux of this discussion is in the underpinnings of
colossal failure of leadership which is usually what determines the continuity
of any leaders in any political positions essentially, at the grassroots where
the line of this discussion is drawn from. Also, as factors that determines the
stand of any political party that should have prominence and patronage
essentially on this subject matter.

Given what was reported in the last house of representative
primary of All progressive congress party primaries that took place during 2015
general election in Ojo federal constituency, where it was reported that Yinka
Durosinmi garnered the highest score with two hundred and four vote, followed
by another close rival M. M. Hassan scoring one hundred and thirty three vote
whilst the incumbent, Toyin suarau, was said to have scored list digits amongst

To me, it’s  echoed
loud voices with new  varying signs  that 
shows that Nigerians had begun to truly know  when their expectation should be meet and how
they should go about , especially  coming
from how events of these scenario played out, cutting short their expectation,
and that which did not come as surprise, given the outcome.  ‘’Democracy is more pronounced at the
grassroots when its outcome are usually the definition of how  some so called honorable such with incumbency
status could go with that kind of ‘’leverage”, in terms of evaluating the
dividends of democracy offered to their constituents,  after when such person  is given another opportunity to serve

For instance, Hon. Durosinmi had been the local government
chairman for two term of constitutionally acceptable provision and the
incumbent has, in equal, served in same capacity where at present, the other
happens to be the incumbent of the position the duo are jostling for.  But off-course, the justification of the
outcome of its primary election happed to have shown otherwise at that time.
What could have happen, given its power of incumbency and other golden opportunities
embedded with such position?

When we see the likes of Barrack Obama of the united states
today, for those of us who know little about him, would give   an account of some of his attributable
leadership prowess that metamorphosed him to where he is and instructively, to
help some us in the way leadership qualities helps transcend progressively  with quality assurance. Obama had started
from state representatives to becoming congress man, moved from there to become
senator, and then as president of the United States. if, for whoever fails in
this direction is now looking for the option of cutting the grass in the bush
to line a part and  navigate  way in a most cruel manner to  clinch such ticket by whatever means,
then  such an  individual should have his face raised dawn
in shame.

If, for instance, Barrack Obama had not been able to hold in
trust, the change his people needs from his entire sojourn of leadership
disposition, and in turn hold on to the trust of his people then, occupying the
position of united state presidency today would have been a dream in mirage.
Should we then conclude by saying he has indeed justifies his movement to the
top?  Given the requisite experience and
excellent leadership antecedents?, other than the  parochial way 
with which many of our politician back here in Nigeria thinks  is formidable?, ‘’plying every  corrupt means possible?

Where also  speculation
are ripe that one of  them that lost the
battle in that same primaries  is seeking
way of involving the speaker of  house of
representative to influence such position for himself? Which if ascended to,
could spell doom for their party’s chances of winning during the general

 True, should we then
say we have not reached such levels of playing the games by the rule in
Nigeria? Honestly, Durosinmi had shown otherwise in leading by example. True,
He has given hope to all that indeed, the voice of the people is the voice of
hope and doing this means that he was able to understand the needs of its
people and was what gave rise to the outcome of that primary election that took
place in Ojo constituency and not when other consideration, which should not
necessarily coincide with the aspiration of the people arise to scuttle the
balance of assumed political equations, calculations and projection as it
seems. The out pouring  about  whispering campaign for another candidates
who had failed to emerge through the primary conducted is gaining voice in
certain quarters  to suggest that Yinka
Durosinmi should be overlooked is winning toward political suicide, a rather scandalous
notion for anyone to hold on. Those who seem bent and intent on denying him his
ticket of nomination should know how better to drive that wedge between him and
Tinubu given the fact that effective and synergetic partnership has been his
focus of delivering leadership promises. I do hope for this sake that those
forces are disappointed in their schemes. There has never been a doubt in the
minds of politically aware that this mandate was freely given to him through
the action of those delegates as a result of leadership failure of the
incumbent which stand the basis of this discuss in retrospect.

The selection that brought in the incumbent was made possible
between you and i. in few month times, the continuation of the various cycle of
election permutation and pillage shall continue because of you and i. will you
rather fail than win?  The late Gani
fawehinmi [of blessed memory] once told me sometime in an encounter with him. I
am grateful I had the opportunity to meet this great man before he passed on.’’
hear him’’ ‘’I am having a short time as my strength is failing me. I was often
called the conscience of this nation as a result of my stand against injustices
and corruption’’.

Is this not another kind of corruption that he was pointing
at, that we are grappling with in our political system? When you fail in
your  responsibility  as leader 
from what is expected of you to those that elected you into office, and
in other words,  you think you have
another short cut to victory  and
then  start having another thoughts on
towards whilst those that  you even  represent are no more relevant, and
where  the people in return, find you not
worthy, and  eventually  succeeded in using their votes to remove
you  from continuing, then  what is remaining  should 
now mean  that  their voting should equally be manipulated
with man know man idea?

Using that corrupt means which chief Gani described as
problem of this country’ ’or as means of sailing out from the  murky waters of Ojo local government  politics to sway their way through?… If
not, how then do we explain an elected representative whose thought it is, to
module up in such controversy?, the next option should now  be clinching ticket by force through  the top hierarchy of its party ,and living
those you intend to governed  that are
supposed to determine your coming back behind?. An injustice without conscience
like the legal icon rightly puts it cannot be far-fetched. ’

The injustices late chief Gani mentioned in an encounter with
him did not just come from heaven other than an illustration of these kinds.
The people‘s will shall definitely triumph and our conscience will likewise
judge in the event otherwise.

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