One programme that is trending these days with
wider outreach on electronic media platform essentially on channel’s television
programme is I witness news. The platform had come succeeding in various ways,
bringing to the fore, issues, solution, cause to investigate and
confrontation,’’ of many developments that was intended to be swept under the
carpet in the usual Nigerian way either because of not having platform of such
or where so many Nigerians are not given opportunities of such in the past to
grapple with, and projects ’’ or that the avenues of such is not in existence.

Issues that may need some of us to contend with
or providing solutions too, either to relive as experience to others or that
which some individuals clinging in that situation and as such, may be in dire
need of investigating such situation as cause to such action may warrants with
having those concerned to react, firing up confrontation, redirect or change
that particular situation that is refusing to yield, probably due to this
perception most Nigerians still hearkened 
too ‘’that laws are made for the poor and not for rich Nigerians in
these context’’.

Those points, no doubt still remain that some
individual still have this thoughts that they can still eat there cake and have
it’’ but with these kind of sterling revelation of this leaked video, projected
through I wittiness account to the wider reach audience of Nigerian viewers,
remained indeed another germane tool at exposing various deeds that tend to
elicits various perception which eventually throws up this allegations of sorts
to some individual Nigerians in IDP camp of Adamawa that were found
culpable  in that act.

A close observation of that clip of theft
allegation so revealed how confortable those involved were in transferring
reliefs item specifically rice into another bag,  making 
it look more like product of other brand right within  its ware house. This can only come possible
with the connivance of security personnel’s whose responsibilities it is, to
ensure those items are safe and is being utilized for the purpose it was meant.

All sides, how these corrupt tendencies and act
of impunity tends to projects the state of Nigeria strata and his image at
large and the major question asked by many viewers through feed backs sent. The
problem of policing remains, while the government is expected to look at the
big picture of tackling these issues, these are small things individual member
security agents do largely to oil there engine of thoughts of impunity. Only
yesterday again, it was reported by the same channels television that some
members of both the armed forces and the police engage its self in fracas
because of this same issues.

The other day it was rebaging, now, it was
fighting. Doubtless, many citizens see our security agents as an enemy than a
friend. With these kind of confrontation and self-serving image video
projection account, it  is now ripe  for law our enforcement agencies  high hierarchies  to start by beaming its search light on all
those responsible for such an act’’ . Nigerians 
cry aloud  every day on sundry
ills of Boko haram that bedevil the nation yet, 
we may  as well pause for a moment
in sober reflection  and
self-introspection  and individually
conduct  a character means test  to determine 
the level of culpability of eating 
every one of us  in the kind
of  self-destruction some of us  are plunging this country’s image into! Of
what significance is the presence of our security agents in  a warehouse of that
magnitude, and seeing the manner of comfortability of how those criminals are
re-bagging those rice items belonging to those internally displaced persons?

There is a lesson here for us all, these
unpardonable precedence stand to discourage other donor agencies, our image as
a nation, is no doubt a thing our government must consider by showing to the
world that developments of these kind must ensures the perpetrators are brought
to book .should one talk about the height of disappointment that may come from
those little ‘’effort’’ from the other world, where its impact is being felt

The account again shows how some individuals
were busy re-bagging rice with another brand specifically for another purpose
entirely different from what it was meant for, where the Author of the I
witness reporter calls for investigation, how sad: until recently, it was also
reported on channels television that the governor of Borno state, kasshim
shettimma was quoted to have said that the matter be investigated.

I watched with happiness flowing through my
heart , sometimes late last year when customs authority told the press that
there was a directive from authority of Nigerian government that every seizure
of food items made should be channeled to every internally displaced persons, I
was equally encouraged seeing the commitments of government at states involved
, government at the center and other well-meaning Nigerians, coupled with other
international organisations even recently, the united states government  who 
was specifically represented by its deputy consular in Nigeria ,delivering
containers of drug to support  the
Nigerian air force.

Accordingly, encouraged with the level of
commitments from the medical contingents of the force in the way it has been
given free medical care to those in need of medical attention in the internally
displaced camp in every of its location that cuts access the north-eastern part
of Nigeria.

I am aware at present, what the Red Cross
international statistic shows, which indicates that about twelve thousand in
the IDP’s in its various locations had died because of malnutrition, starvation
and hunger; it went further that about eight hundred are malnourished in
Adamawa specifically.

This can be adduced to the severe situation of
what they are being faced with, the limitation of medical infrastructure and
other facilities that can be termed as being very low compared with what’s on the
ground. Given also, the reports of ‘’international migration, which states that
about two thousand, four hundred and fifty  IDP’s  alone was said to be in Yobe
state camp specifically, talk less of other states like Adamawa and Bornu that
is severely touched.  The enormous resources to be used in tackling their health
needs among other things is said not to be enough as result. Its hope, dreams,
dangers, promises prospects and possibilities look more disadvantaged if those
found wanting in those account are not showed 
the way out in other to serve as deterrent  to others.

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