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Nigeria’s leading Opposition figure and Ekiti state governor, Ayodele Fayose on Thursday
said he intended to run for the nation’s  top job come 2019. This accordingly, is making
him the first candidates to make public his position  of vieying for  the country’s number
one citizen

The Ekiti state governor formally
launched his bid to contest the position under the platform of The People Democratic Party in
The 56-year-old has been one of the
most outspoken critics of President Muhammadu Buhari and his ruling All Progressives
Congress (APC) party
Speaking further today on Politics Today on Sunrise Daily’s channels Television  monitored by urban express news online Correspondents
Fayose said ” he was confident
of victory essentially with the support of his Party leaders and supporters, although when ask about the decision of his party of zoning presidential   position to the north as against his aspiration
as an individual from south-west, he said beyond zoning, the constitution of
the federal republic of Nigeria has never restrained any individual from
contesting or neither did it specify where individual Nigerian can come from before he or she is eligible.
‘’ Since these while, there is
nobody coming from where the party had zoned its presidency too and declare its
intentions, if it is not that we have been outspoken all these while, these party would have gone down
the drain.’’ I will not fold my hand and see The People’s Democratic
party go dead, if anybody is interested in contesting from where my party had zoned
it to ‘the north” that individual is free to do so’’
Fayose, on his position on whose candidate he’s supporting for governorship primaries coming up in ekiti Governership primary of his party, he said pitching his tent with
his deputy is purely a matter of choice and that is not preventing any
candidates from not participating in the primaries coming up, and that there was no wrong in his decision of
choosing his deputy to becoming his successor , ”its Only a chioce that one should take among those aspiring, he added.
‘’ Obasanjo had done it before when
he openly declared his support for Late Umaru Yar’adua, Former President Obama
did same when he supported Hillary Rodman Clinton and nothing went wrong, mine should not be an exception’’.  
Meanwhile, Gov Fayose said is ready
to  face an uphill battle for the PDP
nomination as the party has said its presidential candidate for the vote on
February 16, 2019 will be from the Muslim-majority north.
Many PDP lawmakers quit the party
before the 2015 election because then-president Goodluck Jonathan reneged on an
apparent promise to step down for a northern candidate.

No obvious candidate from the north
has yet emerged but there has been speculation northeasterner and former
vice-president Atiku Abubakar could leave the APC and rejoin the PDP.

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