settlement location adjoining isheri corridor along ikotun  in Alimosho local government area of Lagos
state has since been battling with flood plain that has unfortunately continued
to persist in the process of finding its meeting point in that settlement.
Arida, a settlement with dispersed pattern, having  proximity advantage with  [1] Adeyinka,[ 2] john Barovebe,[ 3] Adebari
odutoye street and pipeline road has been ravaging with these challenges of
flooding for many year back and still counting, said Dr idowu Aseperi, a
community leader.  ‘’We have been
battling with these challenge for a while now, there was a certain time the
past commissioner of environment, Mr Tunji Bello, came with some teams of professional
to do some evaluations, where It was discovered that the settlement does not
have an evacuation channel where sewage could flow through, and that which was
discovered to be the main pressing challenge that has since being encouraging
flood to have a meeting point within the concentric zone of our settlement. Whilst
pleading with this present commissioner to follow up from where his predecessor
had stopped.’’ Days after the visits, the precarious situation continues ‘’. He
said persistence flooding  has
increasingly becoming an  important issue
in our community and stand unabated, which if not adequately addressed and
shaped in a good time, it can change the destiny of the whole community which
indeed we have started experiencing now. 
The chairman of Arida community Association, Adebayo Abifarin attributed
the continuous escalation as a resultant effect of rain-water that flow beyond
bounds which the existing channels of drainage net-works could no longer
contain and has succeeded to continue submerging their land ‘’ a situation
where there are no existing evacuation channel within that jurisdiction, the
expected results are what we are seeing now’.’ Accordingly, the threat to life
and property with this flood is certainly imminent.  He said ‘’we thank the commissioner of
environment for the prompt response, but then, we are yet to see the desired
changes it needs. Lamenting that inadequate of spatial arrangement  of the growing community  and 
paucity of drainage infrastructure, poor planning process and the needed
political will  , are abound, if we must
move from this precarious situation. Urban Express learnt that the flooding
problem has continue to degenerate to other places like the access roads and
has completely hinder the functioning traffic system which indeed has direct
consequences on the residence already. Expectedly, flooding of this nature has
direct and indirect damage cost as well as possible social consequences, checks
also revealed that the flood has continue to crack the many walls of buildings
located in that settlements, the water level has gone above ground level, the
extent of flooding in terms of water volume has escaped from the existing 
drainage’s network, making way into various buildings. Conducting urban express
reporter round to have a glimpse of the situation, it was discovered that the
settlement has a slope surface with flow velocity which impact, has potentially
been inflicting damages on the physical development, where with,  many of its inhabitants had been severely
affected with many buildings sited in the settlement. ‘’Indeed, metropolis that
experiences flood is discovered to have long time frame to douse, where some
last for weeks on roads, streets, lanes and crescents; and sometimes become
exclusively permanent features of some communities. This unfortunate event came
and disappear living with negative impact on the 
environment Femi Emiloju a
residence, said the 
re-occurrence of this incidence has continued to inflict great hazards to our lives, rendering many residence homeless especially during
raining season. ‘’When its starts, it usually over-turn the environment, shut
down and ground the settlements, incurs agony on residence’’.  Urban Express also gathered that the drainage
evacuation channel is not in existence in that particular location that is said
to be the meeting points of the floods plain, it may certainly not as enormous
as it were, if the evacuation channel is adequate and the existing once are
made standard to accommodate the projected inflow of the amount of liters of
sewage the sewer channel can consume. Preventing floods is important to prevent
probable loss of life and reduce damage to sites of high economic importance
like Arida settlement. Rev. Joel olayinka, a feudal lord in that community also
believes that the infiltration capacity can no longer contain the runoffs the
existing drainage network channels could absorb, allowing land surface of Arida
community to become submerged, gradually affecting every foundational structures
of building in Arida settlement along isheri corridor and we all know the
implications, he submitted. When asked on the next line of action, continuing
Aseperi, said we are happy about the immediate steps taken by the ministry of
environment, when they brought in their teams of professional in company of the
commissioner for the environment. He said we still need an Action approach to
bring the immediate change the environment is faced with at present, to an end.
‘’ we have been invited on several occasion on this issues in particular,  ever since those team visited us but
indeed,  we are gradually entering  raining season, and those experiences are
better imagined that experiencing physically.’’ We urge the government of Lagos
state   to expediently implement their
intervention promise, as it would in no small measures, mitigates other
unforeseen hazards, and also help to bring to bearable minimum, the challenges
facing the community. Whilst we are using this opportunity to thank his
Excellency, we believe in his article of faith he pledged with the people of
the state which has since being yielding fruits. It is our hope that ours is
not left behind for the change we truly needs, he disclosed.

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