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A former student of the Department of Science Laboratory Technology at the school of Environmental biology in yaba college of Technology identified as Fayemi Beatrice Osiyemi has taken to her social media handle on twitter @beatricewealth and @facebook Fayemi Beatrice Osiyemi to accuse her lecturer Dr Odulade Albert  Kolawole and a Redeemed Christian church of God Pastor, Paul Bankole who equally doubles as Director of sports at the church of sexually harassing her four years after.

The visibly angry Beatrice osiyemi call on Nigerians to join her legal team against those she accused of sexually harassing her

Hear her; “Please@segalink i need you to join my legal team against sexual abusers”

She said Dr A.K Odunlade is a lecturer in the Department of biological science in Yaba College of Technology while the other pastor was equally her Sports Director and her being one of their athletes at the church.

“It takes me four years to speak the truth because I’m no longer afraid, I’m ready to fight back, it’s not just me, more people have reached out to me,  as they are more that are ready to testify against him, she submits on her Facebook account @Fayemi Beatrice osiyemi

“This is unbecoming of a married Old man with kids, a Deacon for that matter, right after reading his bible, he’ll start making sexual advances, move project practical till evening because of the fact that by then, it will be dark at night, I had to start playing along, but still, I missed tons of practical’s”, she said against her lecturer, Dr Odulade!

Beatrice said Dr Odunlami never had his way though, but there are days he locked her up in his office and touched her inappropriately, “adding; I always informed someone anytime I was going to his office through SMS to come to knock on the lecturers’ door!

Odunlade has constantly tried to harass me because he was my project supervisor, and fortunately, I opened up to few of my friends only to find out that he was doing the same to another colleague who happens to be her project supervisor, Beatrice alleges

@Beatricewealth I’ve found peace beyond all understanding, let it flow when my mind is under siege, all anxiety bows in the presence of Jesus the keeper of peace, as peace remains a promise kept”

@Beatricewealth, I’m grateful for my heart that pumps blood through my vein that makes it beat tirelessly every second in other to keep me going”

 Beatrice Allege that Pastor Paul has since in 2016 been harassing her sexually due to the fact that he was the Director of sport in RCCG, right in his office at redemption camp.

I was introduced to him by a friend in school Yaba-tech and became interested after announcing that he was recruiting female basketball players to form RCCG Team.

The Redeemed Christian Church of God had has Sent a direct message

Saying the matter is being investigated and that I should accept their utmost apologies, Beatrice said in her twitter account @beatricewealth

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