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 United Nation expert and two term Director General of the United Nation Industrial Development (UNIDO) Dr Kandeh Yomkella said Ghana should learn from the mistakes of Nigeria and learn from the successes of Malaysia. He made this submission at the University of Ghana where he was invited on Aggrey Fraser-guggisberg memorial lecture to present a paper titled  Africa; A Continent of Hope, Opportunity and Transformational challenges for Energy Transition in Africa.

Dr Yomkella said  African children must liberate their minds from the idea of receivership and its dependent mentality that somebody has to come to Africa to solve our problems because that’s not what is obtainable in Asia.
 ‘’I have spent over twenty years of my life in the development field, the last twenty years going to Asia, in my experience, I have not seen a depressed Asia, I don’t see Asian waiting for somebody to come and give them Aids to solve their problems for them, no way’’!
‘’I See Asians Thinking competitiveness, technology Transfer, trade and ready to be creative to be competitive’’.
He added; Africans are not the only one that has complaints, Cambodia and Vietnam has;  ‘’in fact in the sixties and seventies they refer to them as ‘’basket cases’’ they receive and transformed and today, they are referred as sufficient in food production, they are major industrial hubs for producing goods and services that are now being patronised by rich ‘’OECD’’ countries.
He said Non of us are destined to be poor, ‘’no nation is destined to have diseases, disaster and death’’  he says. Yomkella Continuing, he said,  it depends on the creativity and the determination of the people.
He Said the different between Africa and many Asian countries is that God gave Africa everything. ‘’Many would have heard me talk about the ‘’ Garden of Eden Syndrom, it was not from me, it came from ‘Ali Marzurri’ back in 1981’’ somehow every season, seeds grow and mineral resources are seen everywhere in Africa’’.
 Citing an example, Yomkella said his country in Seria-Leon had just discovered largest Pieces of Diamond ever in the world with seven hundred and six carats and that somehow made his country’s creativity died.

 This, according to him, it seems to make African countries not as aggressive as they are supposed to be.
 ‘’ I want our children to believe they can be like Bill Gate, since  ‘we’ the leaders have failed them’’.

‘’ I want them to believe with all these God-given wealth, they can capture the 24 century, because of they are as good as anybody ‘’. ‘’If we can lift Poor Seria-Leon that has been ranked the poorest of the poor for about three decades, where we are among the lowest on human index report. If I can define that, it means they are good to lead globally.
‘’it also means our children can do it’’.  ‘’I did it also’’, I don’t want any kid to be dependent, they can do it’’. The reason I choose that topic and Ghana, in particular, is a good choice, because they have to lead the way in many things.
His words: ‘’your vision with Kwame Nkrumah was fifty years ahead of time’’ Ghana  is in position today where it new found wealth in oil and gas and its strong agriculture base can do more performance in turning around its economy, to say the list’’.’’it shows Africa has every means to be successful’’.
Narrating his experience, Dr Kandeh Yomkalleh said he had the privilege to be invited by his excellency Kofi Anan together with the billionaire founder of CNN with Andrew young, where I accompanied the former United secretary-general to visit Takara.
 ‘’I could see the oil rigs and then, we visited Elmina castle.’’that use to be almost the then capital of slave trade, and what’s donned on me as I was coming back when I start to  put up an article titled ‘’Defining the Garden of Eden syndrome’’ which was published around the world, a few month latter’’.  he said Two things struck him. ‘’I am here in Elmina castle where Africans were exporting their young between the age of fifteen and thirty-five. ‘’Now, there is nothing wrong to use the same energy resources there to transform them into an industrialised world at that time.
‘’now that we are in the same Elmina castle that is no having oil and gas, will we do the same thing we did back then to export oil and gas to light up the rest of the world that made us remain in darkness’’. ‘’Will we use the same way also we did to cocoa and coffee that Africans pick from the tree ‘’garden of Eden’’ and dry it and export which never add value to now turn it around to better the lives of Ghana people’’.

”I see Ghana learning from Malaysia  where it immediately positions all its agricultural products  for  export and manufactures plastic’’ from  its newly found oil and gas.’’ Encouraging faterlizer production since its agricultural produce is doing fine around the world, it can now diversify with it newly found income from oil proceed and drive industrialization. Ghana is over twenty million six in population now and its projection the next forty years would not be less than thirty-four to forty million population”.

With all enumerated, Dr Yomkella urge  Ghana  to learn from the mistake of Nigeria, and also learn from successes of Malaysia in other  to transform it oil and gas  to how Malaysia did it own on palm kernel transformation, hence its independent with no under and colonial rule to blame as it was used as reason to downgrade  its economy for two decades’’.

  He said Norwegian did same,  and as Malaysia discovers oil in their country, they didn’t kill agriculture in the way Nigeria did. They use the money to become number one in oil palms in the world whilst encouraging ghana to toe the line of Malaysia in the way it is growing its economy in other that its learn from success of Malaysia and the mistakes of Nigeria as it discovers its recent mineral resources’’

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