The Governor
who received the report from the Commission’s Chairman,  Justice George Omereji at the Government
House,  Port Harcourt declared that his
administration will diligently implement the recommendations of the Commission
in the interest of the state and her people.

This is as
the Chairman of the Commission of Inquiry, 
Justice George Omereji advised the state government to act on the report
quickly to ensure that billions of Naira of state funds stashed in private
accounts are recovered.

The governor
declared that in addition to implementing the report, his administration will
make the content public and also intimate the public on the next line of

Wike said: “We will make sure that we swing into action immediately to see
that the recommendations by the Commission are implemented.

will not be intimidated by anybody or group of persons. So many things have
been done to discredit your commission. 
But to me,  I know when the hands
of a person are not clean, he resorts to the media.”

commending members of the Commission for serving the state honestly,  Governor Wike acknowledged that the he is
aware of the threats they faced in the course of carrying out the state

He said :
“I know the threats you and your members faced. But what is important in
life is once you are clean and your conscience is clear, go ahead and do what
is right”.

Earlier,  the Chairman of the Rivers State Commission
of Inquiry into the sale of Valued State Assets and other related matters,  Justice George Omereji informed the governor
that the commission received 442 exhibits, 
27 memoranda while 25 witnesses testified before it.

He added
that the commission visited several sites in line with its terms of reference.

According to
him: “Government should act fast on the report and Rivers people will be
better for it. If government acts fast, 
we will be able to recover billions stashed into where they kept them.
That money belongs to the Rivers people and I hope government would act fast to
recover it, so that it would be used for the people of Rivers State”.

He noted
that the commission’s work was delayed by two suits filed by former governor
Amaechi and Mr Augustine  Wokocha.  He said the commission only started sitting
after the dismissal of the suits.

It will be
recalled that Governor Wike set up the commission with the  mandate 
to investigate the sale of the following :Omoku 150 MW gas turbine, Afam
360 MW gas turbine, Trans-Amadi 136 MW gas turbine and the Eleme 75 MW gas

The panel
also investigated the sales of Olympia Hotel, the execution of the Mono-rail
project, non-execution of the Justice Adolphus Karibi-Whyte Specialist Hospital
after the payment of Thirty-nine million and two hundred thousand dollars to
the contractor.

Commission also investigated the disbursement and use of the Rivers State
Ministry of Agriculture credit guarantee scheme fund of N2billion and the
withdrawal of  N96 billion from the State
Reserve Funds. The panel was also mandated to ascertain the circumstances of
the sales of the four gas turbines and to identify the purchasers and also
confirm whether the transaction was conducted with  transparency.


Assistant ( Media ) to the Rivers State Governor.

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