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Evening has fallen in Ayobo, Alimosho environment, as residents had started returning back to their place of aboard from every work of life. The usual traffic with every conflict point coming from moshalishi road, the first landmark showing one’s direction  towards the point of call, “ipaja” along jakande estate gate with some kilometer to its Divisional police station covering jakande estate, Alagolo and other adjoining environment was agog with bystanders watching, whilst other was there catching glimpse from afar . Never did it sound in this writer’s mind that there was something devastating happening.  But then instinct never allow me to be!

The evil that men do that must certainly follow them, this can be best described what was exactly in the offing in the way  much of the bystanders was engrossed at a particular point watching what many describe as catastrophic development, whilst some of us at that moment, that was inside a commercial bus moving towards our destinations left being curious about what exactly was actually going on. Never did it occurred to some of us that was less concerned to inquire about happenings that indeed, it was a case of a son wanting to crucify his mother for ritual purpose, whilst those that thought it wise to wait and get more to feed their eyes with, were able to  consume more  to wet  their appetites.
 Whatever it is for those bystanders and some of us that were trying to catch the glimpse of the heinous act that we eventually could not;  it was indeed an attempt coming from a 29 years old boy planning to use her mother for a ritual.
That was the fairy tale that breaks the camel’s back in our curiosity of wanting to wet our appetites in our travel time from Alimosho to ipaja Destination, that some of us were unable to scan through when driving Pass Alagolo police station.
An Eyewitness told this writer that this dastardly act took place on the 19th of  August 2018, at No.2 Raji Ajanaku street, Alaja Road, Ayobo, Lagos, justifying the gathering observed initially.
But narrating what exactly happened in a statement, the police public relation officer, CSP Chike Oti said it was a carefully thought out plan to kill Mrs Alice Akinola mother, of  “Taiwo Akinola” the assailant, who is said to be a staunch Member of Notorious Aiye Confraternity.

The statement read; That the Assailant Taiwo Akinola told the victim, his mother  (Alice Iyabo Akinola)  to meet him inside the house for an important discussion while at the same time sent his nephew Faruk to go and buy him a white handkerchief and a stick of cigarette.
The statement put further that as soon as the victim entered the house, the suspect attacks her, smashing her head with a plank, pressing iron and a UPS charger to ensure she did n’t survive the ferocious attack.
“When Farouk returned from the errand, he didn’t see his grandmother at the shop, so he went into the house only to see the armless woman lying in a pool of blood.
Shocked by what he saw, the 14 years old master Faruk raised the alarm which attracted neighbours to the scene.
Oti said immediately a call was put through to the phone of Divisional Police officer sp Shadrack Oriloye who arrive the scene almost immediately with a team of policemen, was able to arrest the suspect (Taiwo Akinola) and secured the scene.
He said further investigation would be carried out by the police forensic experts attached to the homicide section SCIID Panti, in yaba
Accordingly, the victim (Mrs. Alice iyabo Akinola), the public relation officer said has been rushed to an undisclosed hospital for treatments.
“Right now, the doctors are battling to revive Mrs Alice Akinola who is presently unconscious, he stated”
“The commissioner of police Mr Imohimi Edgal has paid the initial hospital cost which enables the Doctors to commence treatment”.
Continuing, Oti said during interrogation, the suspect had disclosed that he was asked to kill his mother in order to have money.
Exhibit recovered include Two Calabash with one container, human skull and mixture of dark concoction, perforated plank with a nail and stained with blood,
White handkerchief with-which he intended to use and scoop the victim’s blood and a bottle containing oil labelled black to a sander.

“The commissioner of police called on Lagosians to rise against all forms of crime and criminalities adding that the command had defeated the Badoo cult group with the help of the people who provided credible and timely information to police authority, saying the time has come to collectively root out the streets of Lagos from cult groups. 

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