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In an exclusive interview celebrating forty years of royal exemplar, Oba Gbadebo Gbadamosi explains every of his efforts after his ascension to the Onigando Thrown, challenges and roles of his subjects, how Former Lagos State Governor chief Lateef Jakande brought Access roads and Power supply to igando Land, the complementary efforts of Asiwaju Bola Tinubu on Road dualisation and upgrading the status of the town, his relationship with other traditional rulers and reasons for giving thanks to God after forty years of Long-walk of Royal splendour, Olusegun Ariyo Provide the Excerpts

“What we have achieved are more and too numerous essentially after taking the mantle of Traditional leadership which has its origin from Lateef Jakande regime”

This was the opening remark of the paramount ruler of Igando Land, Oba Gbadebo Gbadamosi who says all indeed start and end with the most high God.
Narrating how Igando leadership commitments start under his able traditional stool and responsibility, Oba Gbadebo Gbadamosi said Development through his leadership intervention took its root from the time he ascended to the Throne of his father.

“For instance, road intervention started within our environment with the then government of Pa Lateef Jakande accessing every network within all corridors coming with power supply.  Although, those roads never stood the taste of time not until Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu came and dualise those roads again and since then, the road has been sustainable”.
He said Government also came during his reign to build hospitals where on his part, he was able to provide land and today, the hospital was designed with a training facility that gives room for empowering his people and uplifting his subjects.
“We equally gave land to the  National Youth Service Corps  (NYSC) but after a while, it was discovered that hoodlums are taking advantage of the  said land, fomenting trouble and as a  result, the  official of the said organisation is not coming to develop the land,  not until the state government came and built  another development called “Lagos Home” and another form of housing units”  developments.
“We also gave land for market purpose in ikotun district which falls within our traditional circle. There is a large dumping site also that attracts foreign faces, to which they came and explore the idea of waste to wealth along oko’ “fillings” which falls also in the same district.  “As part of my leadership responsibility, we did give land for security purpose to police authority, essentially to corporate with them in other we sustain peace, security and tranquillity within our domain. Ikeja distribution also was also given some portion of land with the main purpose of sustainable electricity”.

“We are equally  urging  Lagos state government to come to our aid in building a befitting palace for igando dynasty as this has been the norm with other Traditional rulers within the state, therefore my happiness will know no bound if our amiable Governor  Akinwunmi Ambode can equally build a unique palace in the way we see it done to others  for Igando , he pleaded”!

“ There was a modern palace that we’ve seen government built for other Oba’s, ours should not be different, as we are seriously pleading for urgent government intervention for us to be on the same unique development of modern palace with good design that we are seeing done with others”!

“We have earmarked about six plots for that purpose, as we speak; they are using it for football Pitch, and other sporting activities, even our forty years anniversary come September 9th this month is equally going to be taking place there”.

 On Road redevelopments and rehabilitation, the Oni Igando said there are other roads like the one linking the old palace that is in a terrible state.

He said there is the need for the state government’s intervention in other too, as a matter of urgency because of the hardship the people are passing through.

“Those access roads are is in a terrible state that is sincerely in dire demand for serious intervention; Like in the way the government did at ikola and Iyana- ipaja linking Alagbado”.
Those roads we are talking about has an interlinking advantage that is accessing each other, essentially, the one along the old palace that is linking Egan, Asipa and Akesan, there are others that have accessibility linkage to Ota. All other existing roads there are in bad shape and are seriously in need of government attention, we are seriously pleading once again with the government of the day to come and help us rehabilitate.
Oba Gbadebo Gbadamosi said the reason he was glorifying and thanking God today is simply that there was an intervention that took place when he had eye pain,  and it was the wife of Asiwaju, Sen. Oluremi  Tinubu that came to his aide and he was able to do a skeletal operation and that which was successful, and his eyes returned back to shape  
 On state government indirect intervention, he said Government usually assists too, in ensuring that within their capacity, however little, they assist and they still do it essentially during Sallah celebrations.
On the issues of security, Oba Gbadebo Gbadamosi said the Area commander covering igando just stepped out from his palace. “Our discussion is centred on issues of security, and he told me frantic efforts are on the offing at improving security within igando environment.
“Reflecting on security issues, the Onigando said he can’t entirely say there is maximum security, because there are cases of armed robbery everywhere”.

“Armed Robbers will come from outside with bags and nobody know what’s their mission, more terrible experience encountered is where they collaborate with some of those insiders to rob, using hotels as a shield, they brake shops, kill people and that is all we hear now”.
“We still need more security, although we must still commend governments as they are trying their best. Now, there is no case of bank robbery, car snatching again, the one we have now is little that can still be curbed”.
On the areas of empowerment, he said it has one of their illustrious son called Hon Ajao Jimoh,  he describes his leadership styles when he was at the helms of affair at the local government as tremendous.

 Oba Gbadamosi said during Governor Raji Fashola regime, he was equally made a special adviser and his leadership intervention was second to none”.

“He gave employment to youths, useful advice and we at igando largely enjoyed his stay.

“We equally have none indigene that have made one or two contributions”. “We are using this opportunity to plead with Lagos state government even at the federal level to assist them, in fact, Awori in general, because as we speak, many of them are graduates and all that is needed is just empowerment through any legitimate form of employment.

“On his relationship with other traditional rulers, in Lagos and beyond Oba Gbadebo Gbadamosi said he has a very cordial relationship with all the traditional rulers within Lagos and all”.  He said in the past, it has some historical tussles regarding its ruling house forty years ago when vying for the Obaship stool”
 “There was infighting revolving around land, where we had cases of fighting with charms but all that had become history”. “Those that were fighting me came from a different family to gathering against me but I triumphed”. “These so-called people have a house even at ijora but still came here and wanted to claim land using all sort tricks but today, the rest is history”.

Finally, “what is most paramount to me  is  for government of Lagos state to come as a matter of priority to help build our palace in a befitting way and you know, those kingmaker within Ikeja Division  are not paid any stipends, but we have some elsewhere within the state that are given such opportunity in this, we are equally asking our amiable Governor Ambode to make history by  giving approval, allowing stipend for our kingmakers, he said Ends!!!!

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