Olusegun Ariyo writes that 45-year-old Adeyinka Abiodun Moruf was almost out of this world, attempted jumping into Lagos lagoon due to financial constraints, feel into depression, rescued, and was eventually encouraged by a worthy Nigerian who read his story on urban express news online.

After graduating with honours in both physics and Business Administration years back, Adeyinka Abiodun Moruf had high hope  of using his skills to help turn around  wine business starting with small scale industry in Nigeria but the dream intermittently drove backward, instead weighed him into depression, financial mess.

To survive it Adeyinka who feel into depression can barely shoulder the burden of raising fund anywhere after his wine business collapsed went to get a loan from a micro finance bank with the thinking all will be well but unfortunately that eventually was not the answer as he could barely repay what he borrowed.

Adeyinka told urban express news online how it all started.

After graduating, went into a small scale business of wine distribution, getting them from manufacturers and distributing them in retail but after a while, demand for selling went down especially during the covid-19 period where restriction of social activities were handed down by president Buhari.

“There was nothing coming forth, those that use to patronize me barely call me, money consumption raise from family demand, business that is suppose to yield profit was not forth coming and all I could do was to intensify efforts”.

“All I did as interim measure was getting a loan from a micro finance bank with the understanding of paying back as activities gradually being returns back to normal but that wasn’t the case, but instead things get worse spending money and nothing was coming, family demand, money raised through a loan in a micro finance was there, other commitments were equally needing attention, and unfortunately nothing was coming”

He added “These were how depression drives in, nothing to hold on to, felt terrible within me”, Adeyinka could not say anything further as tears stroll down from his Eyes.

Adeyinka was rescued by team of Lagos police attached to Bariga police station after an attempted suicide coming with the option of jumping into the lagoon and that which was reported on urban express News online.

The Lagos state police public Relation officer, Sp Bala Elkana in a statement said the loan he collected comes with the intent to upgrade his wine business, but it failed and money lost, this, according to the chief executive of Cielo wine, Paul Adungbe was what caught his attention before contacting the publisher of urban express news online requesting to give the survivor  a five hundred thousand naira worth of wine to start all over again.

Paul Adungbe, chief executive officer of Cielo wine said his happiness knows no bound at least seeing him alive and rescued.

“All I wanted to achieve is saving him from depression”.

“All You should start doing is to continue from where I stopped, help people in your own little way and you will be rewarded, we all need help, and you’ve gotten yours, there are millions out there in need of help, try to emulate what was done to you by extending yours to others, this, to me is the only way to go in live, Adungbe added

A visibly happy Paul, ‘said do everything with “Truth” because everything in life starts and ends with it.

 The survivor, Adeyinka thanked the owners of Cielo wines, saying thank you lord, thank lord,

When Asked what he intend to do with  those item given,  Adeyinka said; I hope to develop myself and lunch back into business, ‘advise Nigerians to take things easy as what worked for one may not be palatable for others

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