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When john Strauss mills a renowned expert on local
government and development molded the word ‘’pedagogical’’ in his understanding,
his narrative was how developing the people can be done by the people and  for the people them- self’s and that in
actual sense, was what he meant with such word .This is by no means a new
dimension of inculcating good governance with excellent leadership quality in
the annals of self-transformation and interdependency that is geared towards
development of the grass root. Doing it yourself, indeed, is what this concept
preaches and in-doing, the reality of happening in our government at the
grassroots can be best described as the independent of having elective leaders
in every segment of both the legislatures as counselor and its executive arm.

 Local council
development area as a product of decentralization that have other affiliation
with other components units, doubtless, has behind its shoulder, the ideology
to co-ordinate and stimulates development at the grass-root level by involving inclusively,
its people in the planning processes through their representatives. The
fore-going however, usually has, in its agenda, a plan objective to transfer
authority on a geographic basis through delegation to various field units of
the grassroots people.

The contention here is that, Local government is the
third tier of government in the context of federal system that Nigeria is
practicing and can be regarded as a new modern democratic government, very
multi ethnic with diverse political and economic orientation. It is striving
more especially now, that some states had saw its hidden potential and made
more provision in creating local council development area for it to be more ‘’pedagogical’’
to the teaching of self-independence when the need to give more priority to
areas with more potentials like the state of Lagos had done in creating more
thirty seven additional council development areas. In specifics, the rate at
which the application of policies  is
being disseminated in particular, iba local council development areas, is
entirely not catching up with other of its counterparts that was created the
same day and delineated within the sub-region for the same purpose of  extending developments closer to grass roots
and for the purpose of reaching the core areas that is seriously in need of it
to start the practice of teaching each other on how to develop one another,
ensure even developments of social and physical infrastructure,  considering the levels of development being
achieved by other counterparts within the limited time it was being created.
This can be well visualized when evaluating the levels of development in other
sister council within its delineation of geographic location that makes the
whole of Ojo region. Physical observation of happenings has it that those poor
applications are those little things that actually count in the transformation
of such area where political leaders is always recalcitrant about.

The development of this little things that count,
even though not in judgment of every one’s eye, has culminated into governance
that has manifested in high levels of poverty and economic decline at the local
level. The root of this manifestation can be attributed to low level and poor
quality of dividend of democracy. Low level of dividend of democracy in these
sense, is that the infrastructures and social services provided as a result of practice
of grassroots democracy and development by the people and for the people are
inadequate to promote and make people contribute adequately to the grass root
socio economic development in iba local council development area with-which the
writer has seen physically, given the fact that he has been a residence there
for more than a decade, and still counting. All factors considered, for
instance, the Low quality of dividend of democracy on the other hand is that
some social facilities and infrastructures at afromedia primary school and in
fauzi Omar Amadiya school located along major road adjacent to council area
revenue office at okokomaiko, was indeed as a result of practice of grass-root democracy
with metamorphosis of poor quality in outlook and social amenities as we speak,
as resulted in low durability, poor social services derived from its usage.

This challenge arises from ill policies and lack of
good understanding of clear cut policy directions. Indeed, are these not little
things that matter to the inhabitants of iba council development area?’’ We
must not fail to understand that corruption and poverty are inter-twin, both of
them work together; there is no known time where corruption and poverty stands
on their own Indeed, they are as a result of each other’’ therefore, we must
bear in mind that true life is lived when little things occur, and that the man
who want to move a mountain begins by carrying small stone not by establishing
a loop-hole to leverage on the people’s treasure. A test case of misplacement
of priority that should not be allowed to escalates and further affect the
already rise in poverty index which has continue to have a far reaching effect
on our city development.

  One may even
add for measure and a sign of prosperity whether the increasing numbers of
official cars purchased for use in the council has another means indeed to prosperity
or backwardness? If you reel out the growth statistics about which political
office holders have made much, in a political economy class however, a clear
headed undergraduate may inquire about how much of the growth is an out working
of economic management at the grass root and how much of it is an expression of
natural and material endowment the local government is saddled with, in the
cause of developing raw potentials and materials. As a clue, john Strauss mills
also projected as far back in the mid 1990’s that local government hold the key
for economic renaissance since most resources have their roots from it, if it
could get it act together. Leaving that point aside, the whimsical educational
policies of iba council development area is far incomparable with its
counterparts of Ajeromi ifelodun.

education policies as those of ‘’chicken to rope’’. Today, the challenges are
those little things that matters, where we have the underlining issues specific
of under –staffed, under-equipped and under-funding as the bane of self
sufficiency in all its elementary schools. Even where certain policies are
intended to raise standards, some are based on false premises and unilaterally
imposed on those elementary schools. Unlike its counterparts at
Ajeromi-ifelodun local government, where they have an executive secretary who
oversees the periodic needs of what keeps the smooth running of education
management and development on high standard.. Not with-standing the fore-going,
the leadership vacuum are of serious priority on things of these nature. On the
front line, the grass-root people of Ajeromi saw the importance of bringing in someone
who will tailor such policy as closely as that of the eyes and the nose.
Regarding road infrastructure, Hon Ramota Oseni Adeyeri had promised during her
campaign to rehabilitate access roads within its jurisdiction to ensure smooth
carriage for both pedestrian and road users. No matter what government
propaganda claims, the woes of consumers, as revealed in distress calls
published in various newspapers provided convincing gauge that little or no
progress has been recorded on this score.

 The road map
to  sustainable roads is on the slow
wheels, while  the incremental positioning
that should convince us that we are on the high way to sporadic development at
iba council development area is despairingly absent. Has waste management been
complimentary to that of the state government as the council chairman promised?
Well, the recent lament of the people concerning heap of waste refuse and stench
in various location provides a useful hints. The promise to ‘’run an inclusive
government within the local government without being biased’’? Ask the
okokomaiko and the isashi people who have been shouting from the rooftop about
marginalization of this present dispensation with buttressing statistic on the
pattern of appointments to prove their point. Not many believe how important
those little things could be, most especially  when promises made during campaign do count
even as a justification to fight corruption regardless of the position of the
person involved.

 Her critics
say that she is too much a part of the system to do any such thing, pointing out
those little things of such is of no importance to her, other than moving and
searching for tenure. On the hopeful side, Hon Ramota Oseni Adeyeri  should learn that excellent leadership and
good governance are the basis for climbing higher in life, therefore these alarm
must be sounded for her to learn from other counterparts before graduating to
another position  and indeed when to  seek the mandates of the people.

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