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Two Chief lecturers, Mr Ajadi Kelani and Ojo Omotosho of the Department of Urban And Regional in the faculty of environmental studies at the polytechnic Ibadan has been shown the way-out of its institution over allegation of sex for grade scandal which the institution termed to be what has continued to tarnish its image.

Splash radio, 105.5 FM,  a broadcast medium had interviewed a lady, spotlighting the alleged misconduct of the said lecturers  over allegation of misconduct boarding on sexual immorality coming with a relationship with one of its student

In a statement sighted by urban Express-News Correspondent and that which was signed by the registrar of the institution, Mrs Fawale, M.T, stated that  the authorities have terminated the appointment of one Mr Ajadi Kelani and Ojo Omotosho  both of the department of urban and regional planning  in the institution

The statement put further; “that the lecturers were shown the way out of the institution for their involvement in the act of misconduct which resulted in embarrassing and tarnishing the image of the polytechnic, Ibadan, his employer”.

“The letter of termination dated 15th of September, 2020 and signed by the registrar, Mrs Fawale, M.T., adding that the governing council, therefore, approves the immediate termination of their appointment with effect from Friday 11th September, 2020”.

“The council urged the lecturers to handover all the properties of the institution in their possession to the head of the department, the statement read

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