Olaleye Idowu

“I reject your nomination publicly; this is the second time the IMC-Nigeria is nominating me for whatever reason. I am not interested in your nomination, I am not interested in your award, I am not interested in anything that will move Nigeria forward because Nigeria is not structured nor created to move forward, so anybody trying to move Nigeria forward is already a failure”.

This was the submission of Simon Ekpa, an athlete who represented Nigeria at the 2003 Africa Junior Athlete championship on his verified Facebook page on Sunday, adding that leaders have failed the country, while as justification, rejected a nomination extended to him by the institute of management consultants, Nigeria.

Ekpa said his action is in with his allegiance to the outlawed Indigenous People of Biafra.

He also vowed to “put everything I have to the disintegration of Nigeria”.

The Biafra agitator said this while reacting to a letter he claimed he received from the Institute of Management Consultants, Nigeria, nominating him for a fellowship.

 “Let me give you a brief break down on these failures: Awolowo, Zik, Ahmedu Bello, Abiola, Obasanjo, Jonathan, and every other person that have held any political position in Nigeria from 1960 to 2021 has all failed because they didn’t realise that Nigeria was never created to move forward.

“I am now putting everything I have to the disintegration of Nigeria and restoration of Biafra as that is the only way to move forward, anything outside this, don’t bring my name.

“Finally, I will be returning every award given to me in Nigeria by Nigeria state or organisation within Nigeria acting in the capacity of representing Nigeria, including medal given to me by Nigeria will be returned to the Ministry of Sports Abuja in the nearest future.

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