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Housing is an all-inclusive development that touches on the life of individuals as the society ascribe great importance to the roles it plays in engendering human comfort.

It is widely believed that after food, cloth shelter comes next, which mean more than a roof over one’s head coming with adequate privacy, space security, lightning, ventilation and adequate infrastructure that geared towards the good location with regards to basic facilities.

There is also the idea behind standard and how it is being utilized for all aspect of developments which has something to do with safety, convenient and efficiency even though it is dependent on efforts, the understanding remains; if for anything, “let it be said that safety of life should be first and that which must be a topmost priority coming from those that are saddled with the responsibility of managing those Developments.

Regrettably, reports indicate that the collection collation of housing in Nigeria is meagre, scattered and many times very unreliable while its physical infrastructural facilities lack basic provision which has played down by all levels of government at federal, states and local government in Nigeria.

To make matter worse, the issue of sustainability has been left of it as infrastructures are now poorly managed and official policies do not seem to have any blueprint in Nigeria, report says!

IDF report in Nigeria also indicates that post-independent, there is no adequate adaptation of appropriate standard and legislation, poor and un unsustained maintenances of urban infrastructure, disjointed administrative framework and uncoordinated efforts.

Over time, the position of things in jakande estate with a location at ipaja has not changed, instead, they seem to have worsened.

Historically, the concept behind jakande estate was targeted at low-income earners which housing was built with the concept of a family unit that should house a single householder that has something to do with single-family units.

The jakande estate was conceived to meet the housing needs of inhabitants which remains one of the legacies of Alhaji Lateef jakande which endeared the former governor’s name to be etched in gold in the hearts of inhabitants in the state and that which becomes a reference point among his peers on how to conceptualize the idea behind low-income housing following the allotment of the estate in 1983 through balloting to lucky winners.

Warts and all, inhabitant’s good time stroll in, as winner’s moves into the flats, while others rented theirs out.

Like many Nigeria thing, one of these jakande legacies located at ipaja, identified as jakande estate low-income housing estate is in dire need of an infrastructural upgrade as physical observation shows that every road leading into the estate, other access roads, drainages are in distress and sorry state with deep pits, decayed drainages, clinging towards deadly zones as many vehicles find solace on it once there is a heavy traffic jam on the major road, ipaja jakande access road serves as an alternative with heavy presence of truck ride on it and as it is, the road was accordingly not built for heavy truck other than light vehicles.

The estate layout was well planned with internal access road, but fast fading off the tarred road with a bad culture of sustainable maintenance culture after the former governor finished and allocated those buildings.

Abesan as fondly called has bad drainages overtaken by weeds to the extent that okada riders find it difficult to even differentiate between existing road and its adjoining drainages with the fear of landing into a ditch, which many inhabitants had said had injured many okada riders, cars and other means of transports that ply those routes, especially during raining season.

During the rainy season, considerable challenges inhabitants face is the flood they encounter, creating hardship for pedestrians and motorist, corner shops are not spared from the chaos, more pathetic is the dust that envelops shops and blocks of flats during the dry season as pedestrians equally get their share of the dust at ipaja jakande estate.

Abubakar olawale, a resident narrated his ordeal to Urban Express-News Online on the deplorable state of the road in the estate. According to him, he almost lost his leg in an accident along Boys town exiting the estate. He said: the rain had stopped, I was on my way from work when I decided to board an okada from estate gate, there was a pool of water along sector seven, the rider wanted to circumvent it, but unknowingly, an on-coming car on high speed was trying to do the same thing, the rider jumped off the bike to save his life and all of us were thrown into a drainage

Another noticeable feature on its road extension where Lagos state fire state service office is situated adjacent a long stretch road, on it, there is prevalence of ditches, very noticeable potholes, almost on every existing road in the estate making one question it’s maintenance sustainability status after the former governor left these legacies.  

There are very bad drainage network, its either it has been covered by flood plan,  making a new entrance into jakande estate having a mix feeling whether its exist or not; urban Express-News gathered there was no intervention coming from the state government in term of infrastructure maintenance for many years past; one of our reporters approached Kehinde Ogun who claims he had been living in jakande estate ipaja for a decade and said the situation is indeed disheartening, saying all we see here is government level of compliance in land use charge but the difficulty in managing those drainages is more pronounced when comparing maintenance and land use charge collection.

Although, Abesan estate from observation still have good structural stability buildings but bad road network with a collapsed sewage system, with distorted sewerage inflow into the open drainage system. This, according to Taiwo omilade makes the estate accommodate stench with putrid odour sometimes

 “The major problem we are having is the sewage system. Our sewage is bad. The original design was to pass it through the central sewage system, but it is not working. It has been bad for years, which forced many people to device their own means of dis­charging their waste. Some peo­ple pass it into the drainage.

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