Ijaw Leader and former Minister of Information, Chief Edwin
Clark says former President Jonathan who he regards as a son, lacked the will
power to fight corruption while he served as President. Mr Clark made this
statement today while hosting the “Think Nigeria First Initiative” group
who visited him at his home in Abuja. He said Jonathan and late Yar’Adua meant
well for Nigeria but was too much of a gentleman to tackle corruption as was
expected of him. He also announced his retirement from partisan politics at age

 “Jonathan didn’t
have the political will-power to fight corruption. He’s too a gentleman.
Drivers of yesterday are living in palatial buildings now under his government.
In advanced countries, when you are living above your means, people query you.
That’s not so in Nigeria. Former governors and lawmakers are now asking for
immunity. Jonathan meant well for this country, but the will power to fight
corruption was not there. In an ideal society, when a man who earns 20,000 as
his monthly salary and all of a sudden he acquire something that is worth
N100,000, he should be questioned, but here in Nigeria, immunity has covered
those that should be questioned. That is not the kind of country that we want.
Being a gentleman is not enough to govern this country.”he said

The statesman applauded President Buhari’s anti-corruption

“It is not everything done by the opponent that is
wrong. I will therefore support the policies that are for the good of the
country because Nigeria belongs to all of us. We are all to support him,
particularly in his determination to eradicate corruption in Nigeria. For eight
years Obasanjo legalised corruption. Yet, he’s the one talking about
corruption. If your brother is arrested, did he give you money? If your sister
was arrested for corruption, did she give you money? Nobody should distract
Buhari from fighting corruption. People should stop talking about sectional or
selective justice”he said.

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