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Epe residence was again throwned into pensive mode as one of its
model schools in igbonla had men of the underworld gaining access into it,
kidnapped six of its students.

 The men of the
underworld is said to be those remnants of Niger Delta  militant terrorizing land areas with
water proximity around lagos environment. Police investigating team led by commissioner of police visited
the scene. Speaking to news men,  compol owoseni said the criminal elements used
imeru/iji water way to access the swampy forest bordering the school, bore a
hole, and used it to penetrate through the school wall and gained access into
the school compound and picked six students.

 ‘’these dastardly act
is nothing other than share wickedness, as there is no justification what so
ever to abduct innocent children’’.  ‘’No
doubt, the trauma parents of those children are going through is better felt
than imagining’’.
 Owoseni appeal for
calmness to enable security agency focus on   rescue
operation and apprehension of the suspects, whilst assuring that the police and
other sister agencies will intensify all necessary measures towards their
safety and its continuous efforts at securing the good people of Lagos state. Owoseni
urged anyone with useful information to come forward and furnish the police
with it.

 The kiddnapper had, in last few months gainned access into  schools having proximity advantaged tarrin with water ways around ikorodu axis and other location like isheri where they where able to abducts the secretary of isheri residential estate before he eventually re-gained freedom. 

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