Like a festivity, each time Government threatens to increase fuel prices or infringe on their rights in the oil industry, NUPENG, PENGASSAN, NLC come out in all insignia and noise that produce little or no results.

Each time, the federal governments threaten to give NEEDED autonomy to the local governments or deprive them of control of security agencies in their States, that is when the governors remember they have federated rights.

But none of these set of people has seen killings and kidnappings going on all over the federation as the major crisis that REQUIRES that they SHUT DOWN the country to call this federal government to order and account ONCE AND FOR ALL for Nigerians to have peace, and go about their lawful business without let or hindrance.

If Nigeria’s security agencies can be at their best to bundle Nnamdi Kanu to the country from another country, if the nation’s security agencies and evidently prejudiced justice system can flex muscle on a Sunday Igboho who is a  HERO hailed and supported by all Nigerians (save for Bandits, terrorists, their sympathizers and supporters) at home and abroad, then it can flex muscles against the criminals terrorizing Nigeria.

If Sheik Gumi can use the resources of the Nigerian State to ROMANCE these terrorists OPENLY and the Government cannot, in the least, LEVERAGE on his knowledge of the persons and whereabouts of these terrorists’, then we may be in for a lot of trouble.

What is happening in Nigeria today is beyond the crisis of fuel price, restructuring, State Police and the other shadows these so-called pressure groups chase in the name of protest.

What is happening in Nigeria today is not even about protecting democracy. Democracy, itself, has never been Practised anyway.

As things stand today in Nigeria, all of these groups are called to RESCUE the SOUL of this country from the HELPLESSNESS of the Mohammadu Buhari administration in the face of the assault against all of us by terrorists.

Truth is, we are not helpless, at least, in the South which is RELATIVELY SAFER than the North. Neither is the Nigerian military and security agencies incompetent to deal with the INSECURITY killing our nation.

The real problem stems from the fact that some fifth columnists in this Government are using the POWER and MIGHT of the Nigerian State to PROTECT and PROMOTE the agenda of CRIMINALS against the rest of us.

They are exploiting the resources and powers of the Nigerian State to COW our resolve and NUMB our might to effectively protect ourselves against this SATANIC onslaught on the soul of our nation.

This is NO LONGER the time to talk about the grammar of restructuring, fuel price increase, resource control, State Police.

This is the time for ALL PEACE-LOVING Nigerians to rise up and in one ACCORD, CONFRONT this Government to get it to DEAL with the criminals DECISIVELY for life to return to normalcy in Nigeria.

If the life of the Governor of Benue State, Ortom, is being threatened and the federal government is feigning indifference, it is a matter of time before all the Governors will be cowed to bow to banditry in their respective States.

Southwest Governors set up Amotekun to tackle the matter in their region. The Buhari Government detested the idea. But the whole of Nigeria, at home and abroad (save for terrorist sympathizers et al) applauded it. They were hopeful the regional security force will clear the South West of bandits and kidnappers. Unfortunately, months down the line, it would seem the South West Governors have been BULLIED and BLACKMAILED by forces against the security task force; to LET IT FAIL!

All these I have just stated are things we all know. So, moving forward…

 We should know that the time we are in today reminds us of the years of the Sani Abacha regime.

It is EVIDENT if we want to be fair to our situation, that comparatively speaking, Abacha can NOW be regarded as not only a SAINT but in a manner of speaking, a MESSIAH compared to all the characters that have RULED this country since his demise.

 The major problem with the late dictator was that he made life MISERABLE for anyone who wanted him out of power.

But every inch of this country was SAFE and SECURE! If you heard of incidents of bombings etc, you knew it was in-fighting among some dangerous ‘bandits’ in his Government. Thanks to his CSO at the time, Al Mustapha, Nigerian Security agencies and apparatus were intact and operated with relative dignity.


He has been VINDICATED today. I know my reference to Abacha as a good man, compared to the fellows who ruled this country since his death, will not go down well with the VERY few sincere pro-Democracy Activists of his day.

But in the privacy of their hearts and despite what they may have suffered in the hands of the tyrant will agree that truly Sani Abacha is an ANGEL.

As you will agree with me, if Sunday Igboho had faced his anti Bandit campaign, the Government would not have known how to handle his case; and he would not have been in the bind the federal government is trying to put him in today. Like Nnamdi Kanu, Igboho played into Buhari’s hands with their secessionist sentiments.

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