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location in Number 18, kusa lane in Bariga with jurisdiction in shomolu has
been harboring one Paul Achegbulu who accordingly has been disguising to be
operating a blood bank mini factory illegally but pretending to be legitimate in
the eyes of many inhabitants within the said environment.

however ran against him when police got rid of the development and a team of
police men led by the commissioner of police, imohimi Edgal to affect his
a statement made available to urban express news online through the police
public relation officer Sp Chike Oti said detectives got information that
suspects was draining blood from children in a one-room apart and selling same
to clinics
police team recovered seven paints of blood from. “Trouble started for the
suspect on June 10, after he drew two paints of blood from a 17 year-old boy
Ayomide Adesanya, and as implication, made the said victim pass out”. “He was  said to have also draw pints from the same
victim on june 4, and on each, gave the victim N2,000.”
CP, after visiting  Adesanya at the
hospital where he was admitted after he passed out, told reporters that the
suspect lured underage children with N2,000, while he confessed that he sold
the blood for N7,000.He said: “Adesanya became weak after donating four pints
of blood. He collapsed and is currently receiving treatment at the Bariga
Hospital. The mother told us that her daughter’s friend informed them of
Adesanya’s condition after she saw him on a bike.”
the suspect said he did not know Adesanya was underage, adding that the victim
told him he was 20-year-old. “It was when his parents came to confront me that
I knew he was 17. He told me he was 20. I am a lab scientist. I was trained
five years ago at Nigerian Institute of Laboratory Science Technology.

technicians from hospitals used to come and buy blood from me. I used to sell
the blood through my assistant, Alfa. He’s the one who knows the hospitals he
sold to. I do not know where he is at the moment.”

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