The probable question from many reputable Nigerians would be who is bearing the Name” Kabir Motajo” ? and what others may be confronted with is whether the prestigious Award of  Merit humanitarian Ambassador From the National Chronicle magazine and a Doctorate Degree Honorary causa coming from cornerstone University in Jerusalem and the University of sierra-Leon through a joint standard evaluation council was well deserving.

For those that must know, comptroller Kabir Motajo’s background from khakov Engineering and economics institute  now national university of economics in the Russian Republic  where he obtained first Degree in Economics and moving further to clinch his Master’s Degree in the same field is no doubting the fact of  his abilities and exploits in  the  Nigeria immigration, where he’s presently achieving absolute goals driven by determination spanning decades.

 Motajo’s humble beginning started from his birth on May 4, 1961,  a super Lagos citizen, specifically from Lagos Island in Nigeria, who sees service to fatherland as an opportunity  that comes with the determination to dine with focus, and today, the outcome that is anchored on a solid orientation remains a sign of golden attributes of a gentleman.

Those golden attributes stem from his benevolent gesture, part of which is the way many Nigerians that have comes his way has attributed how he helps quietly, understanding the fact that everyone needs help, depending on what, how and where that help may come from, and given his understanding that the ultimate helper is high above all.

The joint standard evaluation council of both cornerstone and the University of Jerusalem, coupled with that of chronicle magazine in  giving such honour has indeed come in  an appropriate time at least  encourage those nice gesture, good deeds he does in silence but that which has refused to remain secret but rather exhibiting itself naturally.

Dr Kabir Motajo remains accomplished if with anything, at least in every aspect of human Endeavour, very humble creature, modest and moderate and an individual who is neither pretentious nor self assuming.

He is fiercely patriotic, an individual that believes in quality education to all regardless of status in society.

Dr Motajo, rather than abandon himself to the comfort of Europe and spend quality time  there, he rather feels coming to Nigeria and contribute his quarterback home would be the best decision ever, ‘a telling decision of the past that is now ushering us to these present testimonies whilst projecting a leader to watch in the future.

With all his Endeavors, there is no doubting the fact that it will improve and create more great Nigerians whose love for fatherland would be second to none coming with triumphant strides.

Olusegun Ariyo is journalist, Analyst, wrote in From Lagos

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