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The Kwara state government has confirmed
the arrest of a Lebanese and two others over Kwara based single mother being
trafficked to Lebanon.

Confirming the arrest, the chief press secretary
to Kwara state governor, rafiu Ajakaye said in a statement that  three suspects including two
Nigerians a Lebanese has been arrested as a result of their involvement in the

Ajakaye said the three suspects  arrested by the Nigeria Security and civil
Defence Corps include (a Lebanese) Olatunji Sanusi (a lawyer) wasit Mohammed
and one Tunde as one other suspect simply identified as joseph is at large.

The lady Omolola Ajayi had pleaded for
help to regain freedom in a viral video that was awash on social media last

Ajakaye said the case will soon be
handed over to the National Agency for Prohibition of Trafficking in persons.

He remarked that the Kwara state
governor, Abdulrahman Abdulrazaq condemned the rising trend of human trafficking
in the country, describes it as inhuman and callous. He added, “the governor
warned that anyone caught should face the full weight of the law”.

 “Apart from Ms Ajayi,
discreet investigations by the Nigeria Security and Civil Defence Corps in
Kwara State has revealed that there are at least 28 other victims of this
horrible trafficking gang.”

Ajakaye stated that the governor was in contact with relevant
Federal Government and international agencies, including the Ministry of
Foreign Affairs and the International Organisation for Migration to ensure the
release of Ajayi and other victims from bondage.

In the viral video, the 23-year-old single mother disclosed her
ordeal in the hands of her master in Lebanon.

Narrating her plight in Yoruba, the Osun State indigene lamented
that her master had made life miserable for her since she arrived in the

She explained that a family friend linked her up with an agent
who took her to Lebanon with a promise to get her a teaching job there.

She would later realise she was in the Middle East country for
hard times worse than the situations that forced her to leave the country.

“My name is Omolola Ajayi. I am from Osun State. My mother’s
name is Felicia Ajayi; my father is Kehinde  Ajayi. I am 23 years old and
a single mother. I am currently in Lebanon while my parents live in Offa Garage
(Ilorin, Kwara State). It was a family friend who introduced me to the white
man that brought me to Lebanon.

“My plan was to be teaching pupils English Language in Lebanon.
On getting here, the person that brought me seized my passport. I was wondering
what happened. I later knew I had been sold off to slavery,” Ajayi recalled,
sobbing intermittently.

She said since her arrival at Lebanon, she had gone through
hardship and that her life was in danger. She called on the Nigerian government
and non-government organisations to help facilitate her return to Nigeria.

She stated, “If I am sick, they won’t take me to hospital. They
will only give me drugs. Half of the people whom we came here together have
died. I am appealing to Femilick Life Support to come to my aid. I don’t want
to die here. I need help to return home.

“The person I live with wants to rape me but I have been
resisting him. He collected my phone and said he would not give me the phone
until I accept to have sex with him. It is when he sleeps or goes out that I
manage to pick the phone where he keeps it.”

Ajayi explained that the situation became worse when she called
her agent to get her out of captivity but the man told her he had paid for her

She said, “He said he paid for my life to those who brought me.
He said my life and death belong to him. He blocked my line afterwards. My
three-year-old child is at home. I need help. I want to see my child; I don’t
want my parents to mourn my death.

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