Lagos State Assents To Physical Planning Permit Regulations 2019 ...

Lagos State Commissioner for Physical Planning and Urban Development, Dr Idris Salako
has hinted plans coming from his ministry to begin immediate unwinding process
of building construction sites in the state after over a month of restriction order handed down by President mohammadu Buhari on Ogun, Federal
Capital Territory and Lagos state as a means of  stemming the dreaded pandemic that was said to be in
over two hundred countries of the world.

follows as President Buhari barely a month after, eventually relaxed  the lockdown in the those
mentioned states but directed those modalities on the unwinding process and
regulations are carried out time to time in those states with the Presidential
Taskforce (PTF) to coordinate developments from within the federation and Abuja, the federal capital territory.

to statement signed by Dr Salako, the commissioner for physical planning and
urban Development and that which was sighted by urban Express News-online, says
the ministry has taken cognizance of the vital contribution of the building construction
industry to the economy of the state, including employment generation and overall

The statement reads; “It
has become expedient that as the lockdown gradually unwinds in the industry sector, the health of the populace is not compromised.

importance of providing a guideline on the COVID-19 become necessary to
curtail  the possibility of continuing the spread of the virus on all building construction  sites in the state given further directives of
governor of Lagos State, Mr Babajide sanwo-olu as part of the gradual and
controlled easing of the lockdown”.

The statement put further; that all necessary information on the COVID-19 pandemic
as released  by Lagos state government including
the contact details of the Nigeria Centre for Disease Control  (NCDC), Lagos office  should be displayed  on the 
building construction sites for the benefits of all workers and
visitors  to acquaint  themselves 
and comply with safety precautions.

all must maintain a register of all workers engaged on the sites which must include
their contacts details”.

all must maintain a daily record of workers engaged for specific activities on-site,
conduct temperature screening of all employees and visitors, including suppliers
 of construction materials entering  the building sites,  any person with a body temperature of 38’C  and above 
should be referred to the NCDC immediately”.

of documents and health  condition of all
workers on sites on a daily basis, with ensuring all building construction sites
have first aid facilities while building from four flours and above have a room
dedicated as sickbay”.

“That an approved copy of designs drawings must be legible and enlarged and conspicuously
be displayed within the sites while soft- copy must be made available on demand by a government official”.

for stage inspection  of a building must be
made for the time being by mail as a minimum of three points per 650sqm building
construction sites should be provided with either self-dispensing alcohol-based sanitizer,
water receptacle  with washing liquid for
regular hand washing at the entrance, eating areas, toilets after removing hand
gloves and after engaging in muti person task”.

must be regular decontamination of the site, particularly frequently touched
surfaces such as water dispenser, door, table surface, equipment panels,
steering wheels, handles, handles, with alcoholic based sanitizers”.

 “All personal on building sites should be provided
with dispensable facemask and hand gloves along with other personal protective equipment
(PPE) as stipulated  for safety on construction
sites and these must not  be shared
except  for reusable once which must be
sanitized as physical distancing must be observed by all at all times”.

should be regularly briefed on the government guidelines and updates provided
by Lagos state ministry of health so as to minimize the transmission of COVID-19
whether on or off-sites”.

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