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“Those leaving the opposition Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) to other parties have failed to keep up with the party’s pace of development and prosperity- Oyo State Governor, Seyi Makinde”.

This was the submission of the Oyo state Governor, Engr Seyi Makinde regarding those leaving the Peoples Democratic Party in Yola while commissioning seven township roads saying PDP Governors meant Business and Believe in Infrastructure Development

 “Those that cannot keep up with our work pace are going over to the other side. They offer excuses and shed tears. We know they will shed more tears in 2023,” he added.

Counselling the people of Adamawa on how to elect a good leader, he said: “When you want to elect a leader, first pay attention to the candidates. I hear some people said all the parties are the same but tell those people to compare prosperity under PDP’s 16 years and what we have now. The difference is clear.

“Second, the antecedent of the candidate is important. For example, Governor Ahmadu Fintiri is a graduate of history, policy and strategy studies. He excelled in his private business and the result is now shown to the extend that people called him projects master.”

Makinde, who urged Nigerians to make a careful choice for the next political dispensation, added: “In 2023, you should choose the person that stands for prosperity and not the one that preaches poverty or preaches change you are clear about. Now we know the kind of change they promised us. Never again in the history of Nigeria.”

He said the projects in Adamawa were evident that Fintiri maintained his campaign promises of changing the face of Yola under his urban renewal scheme.

In his remarks, Fintiri said in two years into his administration, he made landmark achievements in all sectors. He said that his government changed the old narrative that projects were located only in areas that the elite resides, pointing out that both urban and rural areas benefited from his administration’s development strides.

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