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President Mohammadu Buhari on Tuesday said though there is more struggle over wages affordability in some states in the federation but that his focus on increment remains unshaken.
 The president made this promise at the presidential villa, Abuja shortly after receiving the report of the tripartite committee where it recommended N30.000 as the new minimum wage for the country.

The president also agreed to immediately put in place all necessary machinery that would address what he called open areas in the report  
His word: we shall transmit an executive bill to the National Assembly for passage within the shortest possible time
“The committee chairman highlighted some of the challenges encountered during your deliberations, especially as it relates to having a consensus position acceptable by all parties.
“I understand, on the government side, the concerns raised were around affordability – that today many states struggle to meet their existing salary requirements. On the side of labour, the points raised focused on the need for any increase to be meaningful.
“In a way, both arguments are valid. I want to assure you all that we will immediately put in place the necessary machinery that will close out these open areas.”
He added, “Our plan is to transmit the Executive Bill to the National Assembly for passage within the shortest possible time.
“I am fully committed to having a new National Minimum Wage Act in the very near future.”

Buhari said the government would continue to engage members of the committee as it commenced a review of the report.

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